Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Little Thing: Comfy Slippers for the modeling job and every day

Hey Girls,

Height isn’t everything and something that has helped me book modeling jobs as a shorter-than-average model is being aware of my assets and take care of them.

I might not have the height for the runway but my foot has helped me get in the door with modeling, literally. Because I'm a size 6 shoe I've done a lot of shoe modeling work with national brands but just having the right shoe size isn't all it takes to be a shoe model. Taking care of my skin and feet has been a big part of it and here are three things that help me book the job:

Moisturizing-usually right after the shower and before I get dressed in the morning. Make it routine to nourish your skin. Carry travel-size lotion in your modeling bag.

Exfoliate-don’t forget your feet when you use that body scrub in the shower, also your leftover morning coffee grinds mixed with some shower gel makes a great home-made exfoliation treatment.

Soothing care-keeping your feet less strained (like resisting to wear high heels non-stop) is important. When you're not strutting around and striving having a pair of comfy slippers is ideal for a model especially when you're at home, at a casting or on the job because there will be waiting periods and breaks and it's best to keep your feet relaxed and looking pretty.

Also no matter what type of modeling job you have booked, whether it's for an accessories catalog or a fitness magazine being comfortable makes you feel more confident and a pair of slippers is a must-have for any aspiring model. Make sure they are in your modeling bag.

Here are a few pairs of comfy women’s slippers that caught my eye recently that would be a perfect choice:

Another important thing to have for comfort during modeling jobs is a robe. Sometimes the stylist won't have one for you and it's a good thing to bring your own just in case.

Being prepared with your must-have model items makes you less stressed and when your calm you can focus better on bringing your assets forward to prove that height isn't everything!

Aim high and strive on,


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