Friday, December 9, 2011

What you put into your pursuits and what you get: model marketing

Are your modeling photos hurting your chances?

Hey Girls,

I believe what you put into your pursuits leads to what you get. Striving to work as a model, book gigs, work with an agency all comes down to your own will to try. There is usually no "discovery process" for a print model and getting opportunities comes down to your own behind the scenes effort. On this blog I write often about the prep work involved with preparing for your success and the importance of setting goals. I really think striving as a model is about becoming a good marketer.

Model marketing isn't just flaunting your photos, it's about carefully planning the photos you use to market yourself and having your professional model marketing tools, a comp card, a portfolio and knowing how to actually model a product naturally.

Model marketing is really knowing your assets, knowing where you fit into the industry of images and selling products. And making sure you are marketing yourself with the right photos.  It is important to understand what your role is as a model.

Modeling is about selling products, models are hired to fit the vibe of a brand or product, and when you are shorter keep in mind you will have to put to use other assets beyond your height, so it's more about using your personality, and a smile shot will help you a lot more than another pouty glamour shot.

To work with print modeling agencies remember it's less about measurements and more about bringing to life the image of a product or brand through your personality on camera, and do it in a natural and pretty way.

You could feel confident about modeling but your photos could be all wrong and the way you are marketing yourself could be affecting your chances.

Recently I saw the comp card of a girl who has a good look, good skin, but on her comp card she didn't have a "personality" shot. A shot that shows she has something extra, a spunk, an energy, a happiness about her. Print modeling is about lifestyle ad campaigns, involving every day products and modeling with products that most people use, it's different than high fashion...and most of these lifestyle ads involve the model smiling while holding or using the product, like a cell phone. So, even though this girl has a good look, it doesn't matter, if she isn't targeting the area of modeling which she can find opportunities, in fact she is missing opportunities.

I noticed that this weekend there is a virtual training for aspiring models at:

Aim high and strive on!

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