Saturday, December 31, 2011

(some more pics) from our trip to Beijing!

Entering the Forbidden City in Beijing

Hey Girls,

Here are some more pics from adventures in Beiking over the Christmas holiday.

At the Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City.

At the Temple of Heaven Complex.

At the Lama Tample, one of my favorite things to see, very spiritual place, which also included an 80 foot Buddha made out of Sandlewood!

Here I am in an area called Hou Hai at the Silver Ingot Bridge in Beijing north of the Forbidden City. Really loved this area full of cafes, shops, really cute.
More interesting (and scary) snacks on a stick at the Wangfujing night street market.

Walking through theWangfujing night food market

Walking around Beijing my Hubby snuck this pic of me, wondering what she is selling off her bike? Cheesecake?
At Jing Shan Park in Beijing at the top of Wanchun Ting hill ( this whole trip was a lot of walking and climbing) behind me the Forbidden City landscape.

Visiting the Summer Palace after seeing The Great Wall!

Loved the roof guardians on many of the buildings in Beijing.

More pics to come!

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