Thursday, December 15, 2011

Inspiring buzz that caught my eye

Hey Girls,

... these stories might put you to tears  -- but also they are inspiring and touched my heart, so I wanted to share them with you.

Giuliana Rancic E! News host says 'My breasts have never defined me' she talks about her breasts and losing them and the love in her life that inspires her to keep going:

Texas model who lost hand in plane propeller accident is on road to recovery via NYDailynews:

Read about Lauren Scruggs recovery and send your messages of hope and thoughts and prayers to her here:
If you are curious about being a stylist or working within fashion magazines and being an editor, read this: Evyan Metzner, SELF Magazine’s Fashion Director, Discusses Styling, Internships, And Fanny Packs

Since I am going to Shanghai and Beijing I have been reading a lot of Asia news lately and found this article recently:  Fashion Model Lisa Selesner had bad skin as a model in her early years but is now the founder of 'glamabox' and here she shares some of her own story, and her beauty routine and also encourages others to recycle their beauty products :) which I already do and also hope you do as well.
These are just some stories, there are many more to share, brb with more soon.


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