Sunday, December 11, 2011

Full Body Part Modeling

one of my body part modelnig shots. Shot by R.M
Hey Girls,

As a body part model putting my great skintone, proportioned body, legs, back and curves to use has helped me book work despite being shorter than a high fashion model.  Within parts modeling hand modeling and foot modeling are known as prime areas but also there is eye modeling, lip modeling and so much more. A full body parts model is a model that could model using her "parts" from head to toe. And to pursue body part modeling the "right" body shots are important to have.

Here is some insight on the type of photos that are best for full body modeling.

The fact that it's a body shot doesn't mean it has to scream overly sexy, in fact it's better if it doesn't.  Think about editorials and ads for health, fitness, beauty. There are beautiful body shots in these magazines.

The shots should be clean and pretty and have a natural appeal, not a lot of makeup and hair styling, no pouty lips or smokey eyes needed-- just more real and natural, you being you.

Keep in mind the law: Even if you are comfortable with your body you should not be shot nude or semi-nude until you are 18 or older. It's illegal actually and if nude photos of a girl under age are published it's even a felony. And be aware of model releases that involve proof of your age. Also you should be extremely careful about choosing a photographer and the type of shots you have taken and to be exposed, make sure you are shooting with a professional photographer you are comfortable working with and who understands your modeling goals. You want to produce shots in good taste and shots that are realistically marketable for print modeling (so keep in mind print modeling agencies don't typically like overly sexy shots). 

Your photographs do represent your image and your goals and abilities as a model, and especially in print modeling there is a line between trashy and classy and it is best to stay on the classy side.
If you are curious about the type of body shots that have a health, beauty and skincare appeal, study ads and editorials on health, beauty and fitness magazines. Yes, in women's magazines you do see the body in editorials for health and beauty especially before the summer time months. The idea is to keep the shots you create female consumer friendly.  A shot your female friend could see and wouldn't think is slutty, she would think it is pretty. A photo that is showing your beautiful self and pretty skin tone in a classy way.

There is a certain approach and style of photographer that is acceptable for body parts modeling that doesn't cross the line into trashy, to create a body shot that is beautiful and classy and has a print modeling vibe. But most likely it won't be a shot that is something that has a strong sex appeal. Print modeling is a lot more tame and less glamourized.

I hope this helps your modeling pursuits and remember height isn't everything but it helps to know your assets and manage your photography goals and be a good model marketer! Aim high and strive on!

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