Sunday, December 11, 2011

Favorite Holiday Little Things: Yosef H jewelry

Wearing the Jumbo Shark Tooth design

Hey Girls,
I was in Bloomingdales last weekend and I met Jared Handler the designer of Yosef H jewelry.

His colorful leather bracelets stood out as I walked by and his cute truck show display caught my eye so I decided to say hi and check them out.

At first the bracelets looked a bit intense for my little wrist but it turns out they really look amazing on a small wrist. :) So go big and bold or go home!

My favorite: The Spiked Cylinder

Check out the full collection here:

“Surround yourself with inspiration and you will have a thorough perspective on creativity.”
-Jared Handler

I hope you get to stop by Bloomingdales in the jewelry section and check out his collection.

Happy Holidays!



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