Monday, December 19, 2011

Being a model is being an independent contractor

Hey Girls,

Recently in a commen on this blog a girl asked me about  and modeling agencies and if it was legit to give the agency your social security number when you are freelancing / working non-exclusive with the agency.

My reply might help your own pursuits.

No matter if you are freelancing or not, the agency has to file taxes by law on their bookings (So you do) so the agency needs your social security number for that. Giving your social security to your agency is the same as giving it if you worked a corporate job. Keep in mind as a model you are also like a small business. The business is your time spent on modelnig gigs and the money you make from modeling jobs. You are an Independent Contractor and a "sole proprietor" and no taxes are taken out of your check usually for modeling jobs so you do have to keep track of what you make as a model. (side note: I have had situations where by mistake the client paid me when I filled out a W9 on the job or something for a commercial and I received the check and I had to send my agency 20% (which is standard) by check in the mail because it got sent directly to me by mistake). At the end of the year if you made I think over 600 dollars with the agency you will be sent a 1099 form. The reason your agency wants you to give the client their info is for payment process. Usually you won't have to give the info out and the client will already know where to send the check--to the agency. The agency is sending you to this booking, and they did the work to get you the opportunity and they are your agency (even if freelancing) so when the client pays for the model's time/for the job, the client sends the check to the agency and the agency takes out 20% cut and cuts you a check from their own checkbook. So your check would read the agencies name and info...not the clients. That's how it is and that's the professional way. The agency books you the job the client pays the agency the agency pays you and takes their cut, and for taxe purposes the agency will report what they made that year, hence why they need your social. Just make sure you have done your research on the agency and their reputation before you share all your personality information.

Also keep track of your receipts for things you spent related to a modeling job or for a castings that led to a modeling job. Business-related expenses A.K.A modeling-job-related expenses such as products, services or items you've purchased which you've used on the job, such as a manicure, a pedicure, an eyebrow tweeze for a beauty related job could count. Usually the client will reimburse you for these expenses and your agency will ask for receipts for the manicure, etc if it was needed for the job and give the receipts to the client who will include this reimbursement in your payment, which will be sent to the agency and then sent to you from the agency.

Other wise, these expenses that are job related still may be able to be written off during tax time.

So set money aside for your taxes and keep a list/receipts of what you spent that is modeling related. Such as a new portfolio and comp cards.

Your modeling agency is like a business resource/element for your are the business.



miracle said...

I know its not related this post but I want to be a model but it seems like everytime I try to go to an audition I can every go . Moms say follow your dreams and don't let anyone stand in your way of it but it seems like she is . She can never take me or doesn't have gas and doesn't want to get on the high way. And it really sucks that something is always standing in my way I'm stuk in stupid south carolina where you have have drive everywhere. And the you have to have gas moneey . I don't want to give up but idk whatelse to do .

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these expenses that are job related still may be able to be written off during tax time.