Saturday, December 31, 2011

Visiting the Apple store in Beijing at The Village at Sanlitun

At the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Here are some pics from my Apple store visit in Beijing at The Village at Sanlitun.

There I am chilling looking out the window on the second floor. Near that tree branch sort of.


Visiting the Apple store in Shanghai!

Smoggy but kind of pretty. These were taken by my man. Above, that bird had perfect placement huh!

Hey! Guess what!
Over the Christmas holiday during my trip to China I visited the Apple store in Shanghai on Nanjing Road, of course, and wanted to share some pics!

 Shanghai's Nanjing Road Apple Store

A couple taken with my iPhone at night:

I also attempted to visit the one in Shanghai's Pudong but it was raining really bad but you can kind of make out the signature glass box and Apple logo.


P.s: As you know, I wrote my memoir Almost 5'4" at the Apple store in SoHo NYC, to read more about my Apple store experience:

(some more pics) from our trip to Beijing!

Entering the Forbidden City in Beijing

Hey Girls,

Here are some more pics from adventures in Beiking over the Christmas holiday.

At the Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City.

At the Temple of Heaven Complex.

At the Lama Tample, one of my favorite things to see, very spiritual place, which also included an 80 foot Buddha made out of Sandlewood!

Here I am in an area called Hou Hai at the Silver Ingot Bridge in Beijing north of the Forbidden City. Really loved this area full of cafes, shops, really cute.
More interesting (and scary) snacks on a stick at the Wangfujing night street market.

Walking through theWangfujing night food market

Walking around Beijing my Hubby snuck this pic of me, wondering what she is selling off her bike? Cheesecake?
At Jing Shan Park in Beijing at the top of Wanchun Ting hill ( this whole trip was a lot of walking and climbing) behind me the Forbidden City landscape.

Visiting the Summer Palace after seeing The Great Wall!

Loved the roof guardians on many of the buildings in Beijing.

More pics to come!

(more pics) This is how you climb The Great Wall of China

~Isobella Jade

Friday, December 30, 2011

I didn't climb the Great Wall of China in heels, but I climbed it.

Hey Girls,

I didn't climb The Great Wall of China in heels but I did climb up it earlier this week!

I hope you end this year with the ones you love around you and I hope before 2012 comes in you have a nice moment with your thoughts and heart and think about all you gained, all you gave and what you did this year, and I'll share more later on why this year was one of the most challenging for me personally but also helped me find what's really in my heart to help guide my future.

We visited the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. It's more challenging but less tourists. It was amazing and peaceful looking off at the landscape around.

I climbed all that behind me, just kidding, just from the closest tower you see.


Hey Little Ladies, I am back from Beijing and Shanghai!

Hey Girls, I hope your Christmas and holiday season was really cozy and memorable, I was in China in Shanghai and Beijing over the holiday and I have many photos to share coming up!

Here are a few to start the photo roll from Shanghai.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and end this year with the ones you love around you and I hope before 2012 comes in you have a nice moment with your thoughts and heart and think about all you gained, all you gave and what you did this year, and I'll share more later on why this year was one of the most challenging for me personally but also helped me find what's really in my heart to help guide my future.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Being a model is being an independent contractor

Hey Girls,

Recently in a commen on this blog a girl asked me about  and modeling agencies and if it was legit to give the agency your social security number when you are freelancing / working non-exclusive with the agency.

My reply might help your own pursuits.

No matter if you are freelancing or not, the agency has to file taxes by law on their bookings (So you do) so the agency needs your social security number for that. Giving your social security to your agency is the same as giving it if you worked a corporate job. Keep in mind as a model you are also like a small business. The business is your time spent on modelnig gigs and the money you make from modeling jobs. You are an Independent Contractor and a "sole proprietor" and no taxes are taken out of your check usually for modeling jobs so you do have to keep track of what you make as a model. (side note: I have had situations where by mistake the client paid me when I filled out a W9 on the job or something for a commercial and I received the check and I had to send my agency 20% (which is standard) by check in the mail because it got sent directly to me by mistake). At the end of the year if you made I think over 600 dollars with the agency you will be sent a 1099 form. The reason your agency wants you to give the client their info is for payment process. Usually you won't have to give the info out and the client will already know where to send the check--to the agency. The agency is sending you to this booking, and they did the work to get you the opportunity and they are your agency (even if freelancing) so when the client pays for the model's time/for the job, the client sends the check to the agency and the agency takes out 20% cut and cuts you a check from their own checkbook. So your check would read the agencies name and info...not the clients. That's how it is and that's the professional way. The agency books you the job the client pays the agency the agency pays you and takes their cut, and for taxe purposes the agency will report what they made that year, hence why they need your social. Just make sure you have done your research on the agency and their reputation before you share all your personality information.

Also keep track of your receipts for things you spent related to a modeling job or for a castings that led to a modeling job. Business-related expenses A.K.A modeling-job-related expenses such as products, services or items you've purchased which you've used on the job, such as a manicure, a pedicure, an eyebrow tweeze for a beauty related job could count. Usually the client will reimburse you for these expenses and your agency will ask for receipts for the manicure, etc if it was needed for the job and give the receipts to the client who will include this reimbursement in your payment, which will be sent to the agency and then sent to you from the agency.

Other wise, these expenses that are job related still may be able to be written off during tax time.

So set money aside for your taxes and keep a list/receipts of what you spent that is modeling related. Such as a new portfolio and comp cards.

Your modeling agency is like a business resource/element for your are the business.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

When you read this I'll be in Shanghai!

Hey Girls,

I am visiting China over the Christmas holiday and have prepared some posts to appear on my blog.

I'm in Shanghai right now! 

I will try to upload some photos while I'm here on my blog and on my Facebook wall and through Twitter.

After Shanghai, I am off to Beijing!

I hope your holiday season is warm and fun! And you give as much as you get and I hope your with your loved ones this season and enjoying good food and making great memories. Memories and love are what matter most!

I will be sharing with you my top 10 of Shanghai and Beijing with you. Also of course on this trip I'm looking out for my favorite little things to share with you!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Isobella Jade Quote: The Belief

Isobella Jade Quote: The Re-Do

Favorite Little Thing: Our change can make change

Hey Girls,

It's the little things that mean the most in the world, little acts of kindness, the time and thoughts and care we give to others means something. Our goodness means something to the energies and people around us.

Not everyone can donate hundreds and thousands to charities, but no matter your income I hope in your life you have a foundation or cause in mind that touches your heart, because here's an idea for how you can give throughout the year, through your change rattling around in your handbag.

I save all my change, you know when you go run errands and you find that you're carrying around all this change in your bag and it's weighing you down, well I throw it in a cup every day and at the end of the month I have least $12, sometimes a lot more, sometimes $30 or $40 in change.

Our change can make change right? So, think about a cause that means something to your heart and at the end of the month, not just at the holidays but throughout the year, when you can, your pocket change or rattling around handbag change can help to help others.

Money isn't everything either, volunteering is also a great way to give. Grab some girlfriends and spend the day by working with a charity, volunteering at a fundraiser, reading to kids, helping out at a food bank.

Happy Holidays, remember the best gifts to give someone can simply be to listen or be there for them, to care, and your time is precious.


Event: CnC CHILDREN & CHARITY Christmas Party

Hey Girls,

I received this from the founder of Casting n Classes.

As most of you know CnC also stands for CHILDREN & CHARITY. This is our 12th year & last year we were able to buy $12,500 worth of toys/gifts for ill children/teens during the holidays. This year we aim to do $15,000-20,000 & this year is in honor of my Mom who passed in June (we already have the tree up & thousands in gifts/toys at CnC-Studios). It all culminates at the CnC Holiday Party on December 19th I hope you find it in your hearts to contribute in some way.  Thank you in advance & MERRY YULETIDE ... ;)
Presents The CnC Holiday Party For CHARITY
Monday December 19th, 2011
From 6-9pm
The Producers Club Theaters – 358 W. 44th St



All toys/gifts go to The Children’s Hospital at St. Peters University Hospital, NJ
& The Incarnation Children’s AIDS Center, NY.


Join the facebook group at:

The twitter account ( ) will be updated frequently and will share upcoming classes, announcements, and success stories about our CnC members.

Linked In ( ), will connect us with business professionals and artists.

Favorite Holiday Little Thing: Ralph Lauren Wool-Angora 2-Piece Box Set

Hey Girls,

Warmth is key, especially during NYC winters, and stylish gifts that create warmth are so thoughtful and this Ralph Lauren Wool-Angora 2-piece gloves and hat box set caught my eye.

Check out the set and more goodies here.

Have a cozy holiday!

P.s: Get a signed copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" here.

Inspiring buzz that caught my eye

Hey Girls,

... these stories might put you to tears  -- but also they are inspiring and touched my heart, so I wanted to share them with you.

Giuliana Rancic E! News host says 'My breasts have never defined me' she talks about her breasts and losing them and the love in her life that inspires her to keep going:

Texas model who lost hand in plane propeller accident is on road to recovery via NYDailynews:

Read about Lauren Scruggs recovery and send your messages of hope and thoughts and prayers to her here:
If you are curious about being a stylist or working within fashion magazines and being an editor, read this: Evyan Metzner, SELF Magazine’s Fashion Director, Discusses Styling, Internships, And Fanny Packs

Since I am going to Shanghai and Beijing I have been reading a lot of Asia news lately and found this article recently:  Fashion Model Lisa Selesner had bad skin as a model in her early years but is now the founder of 'glamabox' and here she shares some of her own story, and her beauty routine and also encourages others to recycle their beauty products :) which I already do and also hope you do as well.
These are just some stories, there are many more to share, brb with more soon.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Favorite Holiday Little Thing: Echo Trapper hat--for a guy? No, for a girl!

Hey Girls,

This trapper hat might be meant for a boy but I think a girl can rock it quite well too! I think it is super cute! Especially for NY weather, which is why it is one of my favorite little things ($38)

The hats for her are cool, but the hats for him are also awesome.


Isobella Jade Quote: A lot of what ‘getting opportunities’ is all about is thinking

"A lot of what ‘getting opportunities’ is all about is thinking. Thinking about the opportunities you want to get and thinking about the best approach to get closer to that/those opportunities, thinking about the path you need to be on to get what/where you want, thinking about what you believe is possible for yourself, thinking about what you have to do to start, and then it's up to you to move towards that path that brings you face to face with your potential and that opportunity. That path could involve hours, days, months and years of trying, improving, aiming, reaching, growing, but not giving up and seeing what tomorrow will bring your goals is the unexpected excitement of seeking out your opportunity." ~IJ

Favorite Holiday Little Things: Karen Curtis one-of-a-kind chandeliers

Hey Girls,

Walking through the Grand Central Holiday Fair I noticed these beautiful chandeliers  made with Swarovksi crystal and I wanted to share with you my favorites.

Pink Petite Chandelier

Turquoise Chandelier

And then the lady in the booth  handed me a business card and it read Karen Curtis, and I found that ironic since my Dad's name was Curtis.

Little drops of sparkle make me smile,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite Holiday Little Things: O&CO Mediterranean olive oil

Hey Girls,

This is not just for the holiday, but it's great as gifts, I'm crazy about O&Co olive oil, I use it daily and visited the Grand Central store, it's such a great little store. Look at these lovely extra virgin olive oils from five countries.

My favorite little thing at O&Co are their itty bitty olive oils, so cute, so tasty, so pretty in the kitchen and under $10. I love their packaging too.

Currently I'm cooking with olive oil with chili pepper!

Little things make it better,