Monday, November 28, 2011

Should you move to a new city to model? Answered

A girl recently asked me about moving to another city or country to model and how to prepare and if it is a good idea. My reply might help your own modeling pursuits:

There is no for sure guaranteed success when you work with an agency. The agency books their models based on what the client is looking for. So it really is not easy to say for sure if you will be working a lot while working with one. It all depends. It's hard to say without trying. Sure you can send comp cards to agencies, however I wouldn't move to a country or city without having a backup plan, most print modeling agencies and talent agencies do not house their models and provide them with survival means, so rent is up to you and basic survival needs. Modeling is very competitive no matter your height, also it is VERY unstable (it can take 60 days to get paid for a job) so it is always best to have a backup plan for income. I would research the area you are considering to move to, think about your own future goals and ask yourself, "If modeling doesn't work out to be all I hope it will be, can I still survive there?" And "is this city have opportunities where I can use ALL my skill not only modeling?" Again, sure you could mail your photos to agencies to see if there is an interest, but remember even with interest doesn't mean that agency will set you up with a place to live and survival needs. Just want to be honest about that because many print models work non-exclusive with agencies and there is a difference when it comes to the relationship with the agency and what to expect. More is here:

Also I think it's easier to move to a new city to model and adjust and find opportunities when you have experience already. Tearsheets, compcard, and a quality portfolio already prepared because you will be ahead of the crowd of aspiring models which could help your chances to get bookings. I hope this helps, aim high and strive! ~Isobella

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