Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reading is Stylish wearing Strawberry skirt and button up shirt

Hey Girls,

Today I'm wearing a skirt and a button up shirt from Strawberry, so cute right! And together were under $30.  Also wearing tights from Wolford and shoes from Nina shoes. As I mentioned in a previous post I am wearing the skirt a size medium, purposely bigger than my usual smalls and xs sizes because I didn't wanted this skirt to be super super tight, and a medium gives this stretch fabric a bit more stretch and tames it down for day time wear. I think wearing the button up shirt (size small) not tucked in gives the look a more casual feel, perfect reading outfit after a long day.

Height isn't everything.

P.s: Below I'm reading 2011 edition of the The World Almanac that I meant to give to my father last year before he passed away, but now I can read and enjoy it, like he would have.

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