Thursday, November 3, 2011

Short and Stylish fashion tip: going up a size for stretch fabrics can tame down tight dress sometimes

Hey Girls,

Have you ever seen a cute skirt skirt but thought, that's a bit too sexy to wear every day....
Well I was in Strawberry store the other day outside Grand Central and I found this wicked cute stretch skirt but I ended up getting it in a size medium, even though I could have worn the small, because you know walking around the city I don't need to be harassed more than usual, and the medium fits slightly less tight and it's something I can wear around the city running errands and also to a meeting or dinner with the girlfriends.

Sometimes going up a size for stretch fabrics can work for petites especially if the skirt is tight to begin with to tame down the ROAR in your strut.
Wearing my skrit from Strawberry here in Madison Park today in the city.
More pics in the skirt coming soon.

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