Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A question on finding petite modeling agencies and open calls answered.

A girl recently wrote me and asked, "I'm 5'5" and interested in petite/commercial print modeling. I am going to NY, and have a residence there and in LA. I want to visit modeling agencies that are interested in petite models. How do I go about finding those agencies and if so, do most of them have open calls? Thank you."

My reply might also help your own modeling pursuits.

There are very few petite modeling agencies (if any out there) and there are very few agencies in general that bluntly announce they work with petite models, but print modeling is the area to pursue although  print modeling agencies don't typically call themselves petite modeling agencies (why? Because most of their clients, marketers, editors are not asking for a short chick). Print modeling agencies and talent agencies work with print models of all types it is more about the commercial advertising world than high fashion. So the models are modeling lifestyle products, every day products we all use, not high end fashions. The models within print modeling are very diverse in type and age, so the area to pursue no matter your height would be print modeling, it is an area for all sizes and ages and ethnicities. And it's an area where personality matters more than measurements. To prepare to approach these agencies and meet these agencies I would be sure to do a few things:

1. Make sure you have the right photos you market your assets in a professional way that is fitting for print modeling. Without the right photos you miss opportunities since your photos are what get you booked for work as a model. Make sure your photographer knows what print modeling is and make sure you plan your photos carefully. Be very selective about the photos you use to market yourself as a model.
2. Print modeling agencies do not have open calls typically, follow the directions on the agencies website, usually it will tell you how they would like submissions sent, which can often mean you need to mail the agency by postal mail your comp card. Having a comp card also makes you appear more prepared for your modeling pursuits and here is more on the differences between fashion models and print models when it comes to working with the agency.
3. Being prepared for your success is how you get opportunities and achieve your goals, so be ready for the real work of crafting photos, mailing agencies and learning how to model products naturally because modeling is more about relating to a product than your measurements in print modeling. Becoming a good marketer is a big part of it.

Here are some agencies to pursue and also below read the links to prepare your mindset:

More tips on preparing to work with a modeling agency and finding opportunities as a shorter model are here:










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