Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reading is Stylish: Petite Lady in red likes to read

Hey Petite's!

If it doesn't come in your size, make it your size: you might remember this Eddie Bauer skirt from Halloween pics below, but I plan to wear more often, I bought it at Housing Works on 23rd Street for $10 (Loved the fabric) and was 4 sizes too big and a lot longer, and had the tailor take it in and hemmed above my knee, and the extra fabric from the length makes for a perfect scarf too :) also today was reading some of Chanel: A Women of her Own (great book) which you can find at or :)



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Anonymous said...

You know Isobella...I never think to purchase the wrong size. But why not? Especially if you are getting a good deal on a great item. Thank you for that great tip.

And what a great shawl you got out of it...2 for the price of one! :-)