Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Isobella Jade's observations of life: The Want Without the Why

I know Christmas is coming up so I want to get this out before I ruin the holiday cheer and store sales, hehe because there is nothing wrong with getting or receiving gifts (especially if it’s something you really wanted and someone special gave it to you and you put the time into a thoughtful gift), but I think about the word “want” a lot lately and this came to mind: In our world of want, when there is so much to consume, so much unneeded actually, it makes me wonder where does this want to have things without thinking about “why” we want it come from? It can’t just be ads and commercials, aren’t we smart enough to not be brainwashed to think we need something without thinking and debating for a second about why? Is it a social competition of “I want what you have” or “I want to have better and bigger than you have,” without really thinking about why? Is it the ego-driven desire or a lack of self-esteem for us to let the type of handbag we carry define our status as better, but without knowing anything about the history of the brand and logo being flaunted around by us? Maybe it’s for the sake of having the highest pile of crap in the end? When less energy gets put into what we ‘really’ want soon we forget about what we really like, what our opinions really are, and who we really are, and instead so much time and energy gets put into things that have no actual meaning towards the person we really are. Where does the mindset of “I want that” come from without a ‘because…’? When we think about the “why” we want something before we start to really dwell on wanting it, we might even find we don’t really want it at all and our reason to want it had no meaning for our true selves and then we may discover what we really want after all. ~Isobella Jade

More observations of life coming soon.

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