Friday, November 18, 2011

In the sky: flying tips for when you want to puke on a plane and more

Hey Girls,

Heading to the Lone Star State with my man today for some kickin back and I'm bringing my cowgirl boots this time, yeehaw. A song I'm playing on my way to Texas:

In the sky tips: I usually want to puke during the landing, so I warn the person sitting next to me just incase it happens. I know there are motion sickness medicines but usually I have skipped those and I turn on the air vent, sip water as we descend and close my eyes, I drink a lot of water on planes, I get really dehydrated when I fly and it can make me more nauseous. I keep my eyes on one thing before the landing, or think of a peaceful thought, a song, a quote I love or a conversation I had with someone I love.  Or try to distract yourself from thinking about it.

Lighten the load and compact your travel on bags: Being short and small means carrying even my carry on bag can kick my ass hehe. Before traveling I rip out articles in magazines I've been wanting to read, so I don't have to carry all these magazines. I put the articles in my journal with a pen. I might offer the person next to me the articles when I'm done or I recycle them later. :)

I bring travel size lotion on the plane too because my hands can get dry up in the sky.


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Anonymous said...

Drink ginger tea or tea with lots of ginger. I heard it prevents nausea and upset stomach.