Thursday, November 10, 2011

Giving your skin a last minute natural glow it involves taking care of your inner self too

Hey Girls,

I was recently asked about using foundation on the skin, not just the face but other places, such as your feet, hands, legs, stomach, etc.

On modeling jobs for parts modeling sometimes the makeup artist there has created a mixture of foundation and lotion to make the models skin glow. Or I noticed they've use a light amount of NIVEA and Jergens natural glow and sun-kissed lotions.

To give skin a natural glow, use just a tiny dab of foundation mixed with larger amount of lotion.  The tricky thing is that sometimes the color of your hands isn't the same as the foundation you use on your face, so you may have to find one that matches the tone of your hands, feet, legs, etc.

You don't want to over do the foundation part or else it will look obvious and ugly and can look off color, and you want to use more lotion than foundation. Less than a dime size amount of foundation, not a lot, just like when you put makeup on your face you don't need a lot of foundation if you spread it around carefully and well. Same here, with just the dab of foundation on your left finger, squirt some lotion (a quarter size amount or more) in the palm of your right hand, then mix the foundation evenly into the lotion in your hand then rub elsewhere.  The point is to give your lotion just a tint of color but not over do it.

Also this mixture will help cover any of your blemishes and light scars as well. No one is totally flawless 100% all the time.

I'm very into the natural beauty, not cakey or heavy feeling makeup and the same goes for skincare, I like my lotions to be very light weight, that quickly absorb into the skin.  And here is another tip for getting the most out of your lotions, especially when they aren't cheap. I used lotions of all types and this week at my casting I used Aveeno on my hands and feet and legs.

Look at how much I would have missed out on! Just when you think the lotion is all done, do like I do and cut your lotion in half when you have a plastic like this because there's a lot more inside! Scoop it out, your skin will love you for it! :) There is a whole lot that soemtimes doesn't come out and I like to use it all. I get at least 3 more uses usually by slicing my lotion bottle in half. And also always recycle your beauty product plastics. :)

Over all to keep skin looking healthy, youthful and glowing is to keep a positive attitude, negativity and frustration creates a hard and worn face and body.  Also moisturize daily, especially right after of the shower because the heat of the shower makes your skin dry. So rub lotion on your face, neck, legs and other parts daily. Also keep in mind that how your skin looks on the outside has to do with what you are putting inside it, so skip greasy foods and drink a lot of water. Sometimes I add lemon to it to give it some flavor, water is moisture for the skin!

Even if you are not a parts model, you can still keep your skin looking great for the camera.

And remember, give your inner self some love too, daily try to expand your mind and discover something you didn't know, be aware of those around you and help someone else when you can, and grow each day, if not in inches than with the depth your mind and heart.

Strive on!

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