Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion, Art and Model buzz that caught my eye

Hey Girls,

Well, well, we've slowly seen plus-size, curvy models in the pages of fashion magazines but really even plus-size models haven't even made a true mark yet in fashion, but what do you think, does the modeling world need plus-size male models? New York Magazine's blog The Cut asked this recently and shared this insight from modeling industry professionals, "Kogan from DNA says he and his colleagues don’t represent any plus-size male models because “there’s no demand for it,” adding, “we’re only providing a service; if there is a demand for it, we will provide for that. We’re not opposed to it on a principled level. But if we took on those models, they’re going to not work.”

I hope what stood out in this quote is that modeling agencies are a service, and they go with what is in demand, what their clients are asking for, so if you are wondering why at 5'3" you are having a hard time working with a fashion modeling agencies you are hitting up the wrong agencies, research print modeling agencies, they have clients that work with more humanistic and realistic models.

In my opinion, in the print modeling world of modeling we've already seen some models and actors in ads and commercials with a little bit of a beer gut. Print modeling is about personality. Why didn’t NY Magazine interview some print modeling agencies in the city? There is a market for plus-size male models because look around you many guys have love handles and beyond fashion these people shop at Home Depot and buy cars and technologies and home goods and travel, wear watches and even wear Armani underwear. A lot of people with a little squish have money to spend. Brands and advertisers should notice this more, not just fashion brands, but all types. Maybe GQ will do a plus-size male model spread. I bet they'd get a million submissions. The market is there, it's up to the brands to take advantage and sell it to these curvy guys, market it to them, create it they will come. (umm)  ~IsobellaMore buzz:

Versace comes to H&M this week in the US, read about it here.

Toyota has announced it will be the title sponsor of the ‘Toyota Love Is Art Project’ that will be held on November 19. This one-night charitable art exhibit aimed to protect human rights and equality will take place at the College for Creative Studies’ A. Alfred Taubman Center, Detroit -Read about it here:

Tune into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29th:

Check out the "About Face" exhibit at the Tulla Booth Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY
Portraits + Personalities + Documentary
November 19 through December 15
"Marilyn as Jackie-O", Bert Stern

On December 10 - Aaron Marcus will spend an entire day teaching aspiring models virtually how to market themselves and get paying work. Check out the workshops here:
Check out my graphic novel Model Life, which is a mobile app on iVerse Comics + app on your iPhone or iPad! Go get it and strive on!

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Anonymous said...

Fashion-wise, there's no plus size male models, especially with Armani Underwear or even Calvin Klein Underwear. They tend to demand fit, more muscular male models more often, even shorter ones with charm and looks. Being a bit heavy is seen as unattractive for men than it is for women because men have a linear body shape. I can understand plus size female models, especially when it comes to well-known fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, and fashion magazines since women are naturally curvy and can come in all body shapes but male plus size models in fashion areas, it doesn't really make sense due to their linear body shape. And there is a lot of pressure more on men to have one body shape only, compared to women who can come in various shapes.