Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Mark Twain

Hey Girls,

When you Google something today you might see "Tom Sawyer" Whitewashing a fence on your search screen page. Tom Sawyer is a character in Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Today is his birthday. Check out the autobiography of Mark Twain and his books here:

Whenever I read books I am inspired. I love how books, fiction and non-fiction, memoirs and biographies can make you think about your own life and give you a sense of perspective on the lives of others.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A question on finding petite modeling agencies and open calls answered.

A girl recently wrote me and asked, "I'm 5'5" and interested in petite/commercial print modeling. I am going to NY, and have a residence there and in LA. I want to visit modeling agencies that are interested in petite models. How do I go about finding those agencies and if so, do most of them have open calls? Thank you."

My reply might also help your own modeling pursuits.

There are very few petite modeling agencies (if any out there) and there are very few agencies in general that bluntly announce they work with petite models, but print modeling is the area to pursue although  print modeling agencies don't typically call themselves petite modeling agencies (why? Because most of their clients, marketers, editors are not asking for a short chick). Print modeling agencies and talent agencies work with print models of all types it is more about the commercial advertising world than high fashion. So the models are modeling lifestyle products, every day products we all use, not high end fashions. The models within print modeling are very diverse in type and age, so the area to pursue no matter your height would be print modeling, it is an area for all sizes and ages and ethnicities. And it's an area where personality matters more than measurements. To prepare to approach these agencies and meet these agencies I would be sure to do a few things:

1. Make sure you have the right photos you market your assets in a professional way that is fitting for print modeling. Without the right photos you miss opportunities since your photos are what get you booked for work as a model. Make sure your photographer knows what print modeling is and make sure you plan your photos carefully. Be very selective about the photos you use to market yourself as a model.
2. Print modeling agencies do not have open calls typically, follow the directions on the agencies website, usually it will tell you how they would like submissions sent, which can often mean you need to mail the agency by postal mail your comp card. Having a comp card also makes you appear more prepared for your modeling pursuits and here is more on the differences between fashion models and print models when it comes to working with the agency.
3. Being prepared for your success is how you get opportunities and achieve your goals, so be ready for the real work of crafting photos, mailing agencies and learning how to model products naturally because modeling is more about relating to a product than your measurements in print modeling. Becoming a good marketer is a big part of it.

Here are some agencies to pursue and also below read the links to prepare your mindset:
More tips on preparing to work with a modeling agency and finding opportunities as a shorter model are here:


Also coming up: Check out these workshops with Aaron Marcus about print modeling, you don't even have to leave your house, apartment or dorm!

Check out Almost 5'4", Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model as an ebook and Model Life as mobile reads for your cellphone too.

Monday, November 28, 2011

(pic tour) New Orleans and Texas Trip for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my family and my husband, my memories and the last conversation I had with my Dad face to face around this time, and the love in my life that inspires me daily. I'm thankful for even the tough times that have made me strong and given my heart faith and opened my eyes to the preciousness of each day and to make it count. Togetherness is so important. I'm thankful for all I've seen and done in this world- near and far, and the power of positive thinking. :)Some pics from a recent trip to Texas and New Orleans.  Thanks for being a part of my blog and my readers inspire me daily. :)

New Orleans

 Yes that's real.

Should you move to a new city to model? Answered

A girl recently asked me about moving to another city or country to model and how to prepare and if it is a good idea. My reply might help your own modeling pursuits:

There is no for sure guaranteed success when you work with an agency. The agency books their models based on what the client is looking for. So it really is not easy to say for sure if you will be working a lot while working with one. It all depends. It's hard to say without trying. Sure you can send comp cards to agencies, however I wouldn't move to a country or city without having a backup plan, most print modeling agencies and talent agencies do not house their models and provide them with survival means, so rent is up to you and basic survival needs. Modeling is very competitive no matter your height, also it is VERY unstable (it can take 60 days to get paid for a job) so it is always best to have a backup plan for income. I would research the area you are considering to move to, think about your own future goals and ask yourself, "If modeling doesn't work out to be all I hope it will be, can I still survive there?" And "is this city have opportunities where I can use ALL my skill not only modeling?" Again, sure you could mail your photos to agencies to see if there is an interest, but remember even with interest doesn't mean that agency will set you up with a place to live and survival needs. Just want to be honest about that because many print models work non-exclusive with agencies and there is a difference when it comes to the relationship with the agency and what to expect. More is here:

Also I think it's easier to move to a new city to model and adjust and find opportunities when you have experience already. Tearsheets, compcard, and a quality portfolio already prepared because you will be ahead of the crowd of aspiring models which could help your chances to get bookings. I hope this helps, aim high and strive! ~Isobella

P.s: For more tips on this search in the upper left corner: Modeling in another city.

Check out my graphic novel Model Life on your phone by downloading the iVerse comics app and then searching for Model Life or Gamine Press. Aim high and strive on!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hustle it! Almost 5'4" at Fifth Ave Barnes and Noble is signed, go get it! :)

Hey Girls,

Before off to Texas for a week, today I signed a copy of ALMOST 5'4" at the Fifth Ave and 46th Barnes and Noble -I hope you pick it up and are inspired :) no matter your size!


P.s: If you'd like a sign copy of Almost 5'4" or Short Stuff you can also visit my website to order one here:

In the sky: flying tips for when you want to puke on a plane and more

Hey Girls,

Heading to the Lone Star State with my man today for some kickin back and I'm bringing my cowgirl boots this time, yeehaw. A song I'm playing on my way to Texas:

In the sky tips: I usually want to puke during the landing, so I warn the person sitting next to me just incase it happens. I know there are motion sickness medicines but usually I have skipped those and I turn on the air vent, sip water as we descend and close my eyes, I drink a lot of water on planes, I get really dehydrated when I fly and it can make me more nauseous. I keep my eyes on one thing before the landing, or think of a peaceful thought, a song, a quote I love or a conversation I had with someone I love.  Or try to distract yourself from thinking about it.

Lighten the load and compact your travel on bags: Being short and small means carrying even my carry on bag can kick my ass hehe. Before traveling I rip out articles in magazines I've been wanting to read, so I don't have to carry all these magazines. I put the articles in my journal with a pen. I might offer the person next to me the articles when I'm done or I recycle them later. :)

I bring travel size lotion on the plane too because my hands can get dry up in the sky.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion, Art and Model buzz that caught my eye

Hey Girls,

Well, well, we've slowly seen plus-size, curvy models in the pages of fashion magazines but really even plus-size models haven't even made a true mark yet in fashion, but what do you think, does the modeling world need plus-size male models? New York Magazine's blog The Cut asked this recently and shared this insight from modeling industry professionals, "Kogan from DNA says he and his colleagues don’t represent any plus-size male models because “there’s no demand for it,” adding, “we’re only providing a service; if there is a demand for it, we will provide for that. We’re not opposed to it on a principled level. But if we took on those models, they’re going to not work.”

I hope what stood out in this quote is that modeling agencies are a service, and they go with what is in demand, what their clients are asking for, so if you are wondering why at 5'3" you are having a hard time working with a fashion modeling agencies you are hitting up the wrong agencies, research print modeling agencies, they have clients that work with more humanistic and realistic models.

In my opinion, in the print modeling world of modeling we've already seen some models and actors in ads and commercials with a little bit of a beer gut. Print modeling is about personality. Why didn’t NY Magazine interview some print modeling agencies in the city? There is a market for plus-size male models because look around you many guys have love handles and beyond fashion these people shop at Home Depot and buy cars and technologies and home goods and travel, wear watches and even wear Armani underwear. A lot of people with a little squish have money to spend. Brands and advertisers should notice this more, not just fashion brands, but all types. Maybe GQ will do a plus-size male model spread. I bet they'd get a million submissions. The market is there, it's up to the brands to take advantage and sell it to these curvy guys, market it to them, create it they will come. (umm)  ~IsobellaMore buzz:

Versace comes to H&M this week in the US, read about it here.

Toyota has announced it will be the title sponsor of the ‘Toyota Love Is Art Project’ that will be held on November 19. This one-night charitable art exhibit aimed to protect human rights and equality will take place at the College for Creative Studies’ A. Alfred Taubman Center, Detroit -Read about it here:

Tune into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29th:

Check out the "About Face" exhibit at the Tulla Booth Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY
Portraits + Personalities + Documentary
November 19 through December 15
"Marilyn as Jackie-O", Bert Stern

On December 10 - Aaron Marcus will spend an entire day teaching aspiring models virtually how to market themselves and get paying work. Check out the workshops here:
Check out my graphic novel Model Life, which is a mobile app on iVerse Comics + app on your iPhone or iPad! Go get it and strive on!

Isobella Jade Quote: putting your passion into your life

We all have to try to make ends meet but if you are waking up and not happy with your surroundings, your day, your routine, your job description, if there is something you feel you're missing out on, not doing for yourself, wanting to do, don't think there is time, because although the journey of life can be long, don't wait for the right time, or for it to just happen, don't say I'll do it one day, start putting your passion into your life now, even if just for a couple a hours a week, start being a part of the things you love, now is what matters. ~IJ

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I saw a cute Dr. Scholl's booties at Famous Footwear

Hey Girls,

I saw these cute Dr. Scholl's booties at Famous Footwear, they are perfect for girls on the go chasing their dreams! And you get an extra inch of height too, hehe! ~Isobella

Check them out here at and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter here.
Aim high and strive no matter your size!

Isobella Jade Quote: Writing a novel is similar to preparing a modeling portfolio,

Writing a novel is similar to preparing a modeling portfolio, here's why:

Creating concepts for a storyline and characters - creating concepts for a photo shoot and the shots you want to get. Bringing the idea and plan to life.
Both involve creativity and research and prep work.
Cropping, changing, adjusting, adding and editing sections of the book - Cropping and editing and choosing the best photos.
Rewriting - reshooting.
You grow it and make it even better as you keep working at it.
Never give up on your goals and believe in yourself and work, you are your cheerleader so start to prepare your daily cheer, it's a hustle to create your own way and chase your dreams but it's possible with passion and courage and always aim high!

~Isobella Jade

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Write, Listen, Be Inspired and get Sales

Hey Girls,

Been hearing this song all over the city every where I go, maybe it's a sign, maybe it's just an awesome song. Indigo Girls: Power of Two. (My way: I type 'repeat' before the and I write to it for hours) adding up the total of a love that's true, multiply life by the power of two ♥

Snail mail devotee and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters site Hannah Brencher was on the 4 train and left behind an unexpected letter for an unsuspecting stranger, then she started leaving her notes in coat pockets, library books and church pews, spreading anonymous letters of love. Read about her here: via Daily

I read these articles sometimes when I can't sleep or need inspiration or want to fill my brain: How to Think Creatively -

Also dEliAs has BIG sales going on, up to 85% off check them out here.

Behind the Scenes of the Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show via

Are you in NYC? Check out the Hanky Panky sample sale for some sexy panties.



Isobella Jade's observations of life: The Want Without the Why

I know Christmas is coming up so I want to get this out before I ruin the holiday cheer and store sales, hehe because there is nothing wrong with getting or receiving gifts (especially if it’s something you really wanted and someone special gave it to you and you put the time into a thoughtful gift), but I think about the word “want” a lot lately and this came to mind: In our world of want, when there is so much to consume, so much unneeded actually, it makes me wonder where does this want to have things without thinking about “why” we want it come from? It can’t just be ads and commercials, aren’t we smart enough to not be brainwashed to think we need something without thinking and debating for a second about why? Is it a social competition of “I want what you have” or “I want to have better and bigger than you have,” without really thinking about why? Is it the ego-driven desire or a lack of self-esteem for us to let the type of handbag we carry define our status as better, but without knowing anything about the history of the brand and logo being flaunted around by us? Maybe it’s for the sake of having the highest pile of crap in the end? When less energy gets put into what we ‘really’ want soon we forget about what we really like, what our opinions really are, and who we really are, and instead so much time and energy gets put into things that have no actual meaning towards the person we really are. Where does the mindset of “I want that” come from without a ‘because…’? When we think about the “why” we want something before we start to really dwell on wanting it, we might even find we don’t really want it at all and our reason to want it had no meaning for our true selves and then we may discover what we really want after all. ~Isobella Jade

More observations of life coming soon.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Isobella Jade Quote: Long roads

There have been many long roads and there is no short cut during this journey called life, even if your physical traits involve the word short, so don't bother even looking for one, you got to do the work, study for it, put it together yourself, pick up the pieces, fix it, do it again, clean your face, carry it. And I'm telling you, you'll love yourself A LOT after for hanging in there and pulling through. Your self-esteem soars when you put your potential on the line.  ~Isobella Jade

At Sephora today smiling was contagious

Today when I walked into Sephora the greeter at the door smiled and said “Hi, Welcome to Sephora,” I said "Hi” back and smiled at her. While checking out the eye shadow kits on display I overheard the greeter lady say to another Sephora beauty expert, "Someone actually smiled back." It's just that someone smiling on the job these days really stands out to me and usually I smile back. Also, usually if you smile at someone, even in a city of millions of people, they will smile back…maybe not 100% of the time, but Today when I walked into Sephora the greeter at the door smiled and said “Hi, Welcome to Sephora,” I said "Hi” back and smiled at her. While checking out the eye shadow kits on display I overheard the greeter lady say to another Sephora beauty expert, "Someone actually smiled back." It just that someone smiling on the job these days really stands out to me and usually I smile back. Also, usually if you smile at someone, even in a city of millions of people, they will smile back…maybe not 100% of the time, but getting a smile makes me smile, contagious. ~Isobella Jade

(I bought Bare Escentuals foundation)

What to wear for a print modeling photo shoot, and hair and makeup tips? Answered!

I was recently asked: My shoot will be in December and I am only 5'7" so I want to get involved in commercial/print modeling. What type of outfits would I bring to a shoot for this type of modeling? Also, I am African-American and have hair extensions, Do you think it is okay to take my photos with hair extensions or should I have completely my real hair ? Thanks!

I'm sure you are anxious for your photo shoot in December and I wanted to get back to you with some tips. Before you do the shoot however, I would make sure 100% that the photographer understands what print modeling is. And also I would rip out of magazines examples of print modeling ads and campaigns that can inspire you for the shoot.

Here is more on why your photographer should know what print modeling is.

I would shoot the way your hair is the most often. So how your hair looks most often is what is on your comp card.  So shoot in extensions if you plan to always wear them. And if you don't, then plan to keep your hair natural. You want your hair the way it always is because after your shoot and when you create a modeling compcard you will be mailing it to agencies and you want to look like the girl on the comp card. They will most likely want to mee you if they are interested in working together and you will want to look just as you did on the comp card for this meeting and also for modeling castings you want to look how you look on a normal day. Which is also why it's a good idea to always keep the makeup natural, as the real you. NO over photoshopped. Tell photographer you don't want crazy photo shop and NO blowing out photos. This is about natural images...professional but very natural.

Later when you are sent on castings you will be expected to also look like the images on the comp card you created, which is why it's also a good idea to make sure how you do your hair, the length etc is important. I mention in my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model (it's on and and my website) that once I cut my hair shorter and right afterwards I was booked for a modeling job and my hair was a lot shorter than what the client (job) involved so I had to panic and get extensions put in for it the night before the job and it was not fun and could have been a really bad experience--- so always keep your hair the way it is in your photos. Or else you will have to update your photos often and your agency on how your hair is and it can be a pain in the butt! :) Here are tips for what to wear/clothing selection and how the photos for print modeling should look and what they should involve, they are very basic actually because print modeling photos involve, real life scenarios--and the clothing is pretty simple.

Wear something that is classic and timeless, you don't want the shots to be extremely fashion forward because in print modeling it is not about the clothes usually, it's about the personality of the model and using your personality to market that product within the marketing campaign photos. Stick to solid colors, no ruffles or extreme flair that would distract from capturing your own personality and glow on camera. An example of a few outfit choices would be:

Basic black dress just above knee, keep it classy, a pair of cute heels, not super super super high -you don't want this photo to age or narrow you into --too fashion--too glamour--too sexy. You want it to be about personality and print modeling is really different than fashion modeling so make sure you know the differences too. (see below) Like a Marie Claire or Glamour magazine, the shot scenario could involve you getting ready or heading for the door, or walking outside, coming out of a car, before you go out with the girls...pretty but not WHOA crazy hair and makeup!
A workout or fitness outfit-the shot scenario involves you right before you go for a run maybe stretching, taking in fresh air, like Self magazine.

A close up beauty shot. Think health and beauty, very clean.

A more casual shot, in jeans and a cute sweater or shirt, scenario: you are talking to your best friend on the phone--smiling sweetly.

A shot where you are modeling with an accessories product, a handbag, earrings, a pen or a beauty product, etc. The focus is you and the product but not forced, the scenario is maybe you are leaning against a wall holding a handbag and lookin into it taking something out of it, it is a close up of the bag and you and also one pulled back, you decide which is better. Or maybe you are putting on your earrings or it is like a beauty shot and close up. Make the shot involve interacting with a product in a natural way.

Always think Ads, ads, ads, because print modeling is about product ads, so for the shot bring a real-life scenario to life and think about how it could show your personality and that you have a look that can work with many products.

No stiff jaw, no pout, no squinting eyes, all upbeat and friendly expressions ( close up shots obviously can have a more relaxed expression).

And NO logos within the shots for your clothing or the products you are holding/using/wearing. You don't want to later attend a casting for Essie nail polish when in your shot you are showing a nailpolish for another nail care brand. Keep it logo free...never show logos in your photos.

You would only show logos or have a logo involved within your comp card or portfolio when you book a job for the brand.

The best way to prepare your outfits is to study ads and editorials in magazines of all types for print modeling/lifestyle product ads. Keep in mind ads for every day items that people use, even tampon ads where the model is laughing or smiling, you will notice the ads are less about the clothing the model is wearing and more about their expression. The clothing is tamed down to something more every day where or not screaming a logo and extra dazzle.

Print modeling is about really you just being you.

I hope this helps for now :)

My Model Life - excerpts from my iPhone

Model Life is available in print (Amazon and and also is a mobile graphic novel as well and you can read it on your phone!


All content and photos Copyright Isobella Jade

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Isobella Jade Quote: don't be afraid of your own success

If you want to accomplish something don't be afraid of your own success, seek it, do the work to prepare for it- giving yourself a chance is what puts everything in motion. ~Isobella Jade for the petite striving professional

The Classic Black Professional pant at

Hey Girls,

My office is where I am and I typically don't wear professional pants. But for those who struggle with finding professional petite pants for work, I wanted to share with you a new online retailer created just for you, it's called It's for short girls only 5'3" and under! And there is a professional pants giveaway going on right now too. I received a Tweet about it from @ExtraSmallDotMe

The Scoop:

Rock your petite sexy self!

Giving your skin a last minute natural glow it involves taking care of your inner self too

Hey Girls,

I was recently asked about using foundation on the skin, not just the face but other places, such as your feet, hands, legs, stomach, etc.

On modeling jobs for parts modeling sometimes the makeup artist there has created a mixture of foundation and lotion to make the models skin glow. Or I noticed they've use a light amount of NIVEA and Jergens natural glow and sun-kissed lotions.

To give skin a natural glow, use just a tiny dab of foundation mixed with larger amount of lotion.  The tricky thing is that sometimes the color of your hands isn't the same as the foundation you use on your face, so you may have to find one that matches the tone of your hands, feet, legs, etc.

You don't want to over do the foundation part or else it will look obvious and ugly and can look off color, and you want to use more lotion than foundation. Less than a dime size amount of foundation, not a lot, just like when you put makeup on your face you don't need a lot of foundation if you spread it around carefully and well. Same here, with just the dab of foundation on your left finger, squirt some lotion (a quarter size amount or more) in the palm of your right hand, then mix the foundation evenly into the lotion in your hand then rub elsewhere.  The point is to give your lotion just a tint of color but not over do it.

Also this mixture will help cover any of your blemishes and light scars as well. No one is totally flawless 100% all the time.

I'm very into the natural beauty, not cakey or heavy feeling makeup and the same goes for skincare, I like my lotions to be very light weight, that quickly absorb into the skin.  And here is another tip for getting the most out of your lotions, especially when they aren't cheap. I used lotions of all types and this week at my casting I used Aveeno on my hands and feet and legs.

Look at how much I would have missed out on! Just when you think the lotion is all done, do like I do and cut your lotion in half when you have a plastic like this because there's a lot more inside! Scoop it out, your skin will love you for it! :) There is a whole lot that soemtimes doesn't come out and I like to use it all. I get at least 3 more uses usually by slicing my lotion bottle in half. And also always recycle your beauty product plastics. :)

Over all to keep skin looking healthy, youthful and glowing is to keep a positive attitude, negativity and frustration creates a hard and worn face and body.  Also moisturize daily, especially right after of the shower because the heat of the shower makes your skin dry. So rub lotion on your face, neck, legs and other parts daily. Also keep in mind that how your skin looks on the outside has to do with what you are putting inside it, so skip greasy foods and drink a lot of water. Sometimes I add lemon to it to give it some flavor, water is moisture for the skin!

Even if you are not a parts model, you can still keep your skin looking great for the camera.

And remember, give your inner self some love too, daily try to expand your mind and discover something you didn't know, be aware of those around you and help someone else when you can, and grow each day, if not in inches than with the depth your mind and heart.

Strive on!

P.s: Need some lotion? Or shop for cute stocking stuffers!
Free shipping for a limited time on $40 or more at L'Occitane.  

Get the Ann Taylor and Loft discount girls!

This one is for my preppy girls, like me, who are striving to get stuff done!

From November 10th-13th check out 40% off!

They each have a petite section too! Check out Ann Taylor's online petite section here.

Here are some of my favorite picks from both.

My Ann Taylor picks are:
I love when I find petite but long shirt and sweaters, and this petite Petite Long Sleeve Boatneck Tunic is a great shape for petites and looks long enough to wear pulled over the bootie with some thicker tights perhaps and some cute booties, and so is this Petite Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Tunic. This Petite Plush Sleeveless Turtleneck also caught my eye, I wonder if I bought it in a size medium if it would be cute as a sweater dress if it gave some extra length? I might go in the store and see about this.  And I love this Petite Elbow Sleeve Turtleneck, the color wineglass is real pretty. 

My Loft picks are:
Really cute, wear all winter Petite Marled Cowl Neck Sweater, pair it with jeans or a skirt.
This cute and classic Petite Favorite Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse is great with just jeans and heels or tucked with a pencil skirt. This petite lace skirt is soo wicked cute and sexy but still classy. I'm sweater dress obsessed and on our petite frame a sweater dress, like this one, a bitt above the knee keeps us warm and looking lean and long.

Walk Tall no matter your height! Strive on!