Thursday, October 20, 2011

When running around hustling and dreaming: protect your feet

Hey Girls,

You know I love heels, and honestly I only own a couple pairs of flats, but when I'm home or working on writing and not attending a casting or meeting I try to protect my feet. Not only as a shoe model but because your feet need strength, you will be on them a lot as a model for hours as a time holding a pose and your feet, hamstring (back of thigh) and back, all work together when your on the job.

Also even though the job might be for accessories or swimwear, etc., keep in mind that your feet are often in the shot and even if you are not a shoe model or foot model you want to keep those babies looking pretty, not sore and aching.

I'm all about a 5 inch heel but sometimes I will go lower to the ground when I am just running to the tailor or shoe cobbler or grabbing groceries. Here is a variety of shoes that caught my eye for running errands around town from Bakers.

Or when it is rainy check out these Capelli croco rain boots, cute!

Okay, if you want a 3 1/2 inch here to run errands in these caught my eye:

Give yourself foot scrubs and moisturize your feet and heels. I love LUSH products, St. Ives, Aveeno, etc., make sure you lotion up right out of the shower.  Also when it comes to taking care of YOU, it's a good idea to take some yoga, no matter your height. You'll find that on the job: balance is so important as a model.



Makes said...

Thanks for this posting !!!!


I just bought the Jordyn 2, they have the cute floral print inside, and its verstile , kinda have that boyfriend look to it.