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We're not giraffes but some of us are size 0 -petites are all shapes

Hey Girls,

I just had alterations done for a pretty knit dress and I am excited to show off soon to you, I had about 6 inches taken off!

On the runway, I don't care if size 0 models are banned one day, to me that's not the true point of fashion....the true point for me is does the clothing fit the average consumer?? Okay...close to average?

When it comes to mass retail I hope the size 0 stays around, and not just in the teen section, and that there is an upgrade in the diverse amount of petite sizes out there as a whole.

No matter if you are a size 0 petite or a size 24 petite, I'm on the hunt to find more petite brands that celebrate all sizes. I'm confident that this will be a mega area retail brands will attack in the coming years. Well, one can dream, right?

Not everyone is short and a size 0, but I am. Most women in America are under 5'4" and wear sizes above a size zero, and many stores do not even carry smaller sizes all around at all in inseam length or waist. I go into department stores and retail stores and sometimes never even see a size small on the racks. Not at all. Only medium and large, etc, and even those are really long and not friendly to a shorter girl.

This is no new rant, this is the life of a short girl shopping for pants.

I like my pants just a little bit long so I can wear them will heels but I don't like to drag around extra fabric that can get scuffed and torn when I walk the city streets and cement. In the mid 90's a long gashing hole across the bottom of your jeans may have been cool, I had plenty of those holes and rips on the bottom of my MUDD and L.E.I jeans, but these days I don't want the bottom of my pants all nasty and ripped up with the days dirt on them. I want them to fit!

There needs to be more sizes for petite's of all shapes. And I believe the designers of mass retail brands can do this. I believe it is possible that the petite of all shapes can have it all. If the designers choose to do so. I know everyone these days and their sister wants to be a fashion designer, but these hopefuls should step up and design for the short chicks!

There are stores for the plus-size 14 and up like Avenue, which are great and I'm glad to see this, there are stores that shorter girls can find some clothing at like H&M, Forever21, Mango, Zara, New York and Company, Express, Old Navy, Gap, Macy's, Bloomingdales, the list goes on, but even in these stores, if there's a petite section the inseam is insane and long still! It's like "Here's the Petite Section,"  "Welcome!"-- now suffer feeling shorter than ever!

I love Bloomingdales, but I hate their denim section, nothing fits and I was willing to drop some $ too!

from my book Short Stuff, now an ebook.

I have a nice tailor but seriously, I'll just go to Levi's and find a pair that fit better in 5 minutes. But online at Levi's they don't have their petite section anymore?? Sucks. But they mention having inseams of 30 you can purchase online. I hope Levi brings back the online petite section though and continues to rock all sizes with their Curve ID.

I do think smaller is better and I love being petite, but the clothing may say it's designed for a petite but usually it isn't always "seriously made" for a shorter girl or extra short girl.  I'm talking about girls  under 5'0" -5'3" inseam lengths of 26 -30.

I would measure yourself, find out what your inseam is and go on a fashion hunt for pants and jeans that fit.  Let me know what you find (email me at

I found a few though that caught my eye.

Here is a pair of pants at New York and Company with a 29 1/2 inseam.
Here is a pair of cordurory pants at Gap, with a 30 inch inseam.
Here is a pair of sleek polished gray pants from Banana Republic with a 30 inseam. 30 is like standard for short girls, but many girls are shorter than a 30 inseam!
Old Navy's petite inseam is 29 1/2 or a 30.
AG jeans are really cute, they range in 30-32 for petite, wish they had more of a range and included more styles like these hot wine colored pair I've got my eye on.
Delia's has a 28 inseam and I am still discovering their jeans, when it comes to fit. I have a couple pair, and flirting with the idea of them having spot on my jeans go-to list.
From what I saw online at Paige Denim their petite's start with an inseam of 32. Kinda long and hope they shorter this to a 30.
Check out Allison Izu jeans, she designs for petites/ girls 5'6" and shorter.
If you like a bit of a preppy look, I'd check out Ann Taylor though. They have 29 inseam.

There are other brands that do have a 30 inseam, but depending on the amount of cash you want to spent on pants and jeans it can be a challenge to find an inseam under 30. So when you shop add on 20-30 bucks for alterations.

I want a Forever21 size store for the short girl to show up! Where is it? One day I'll have to create it! haha.

I wish the mass consumer retailers would notice the average sizes of girls in America more often, we are under 5'4" we are five feet tall, not 5'8"! We are all shapes! They would make a crap load of money if they paid attention to this!

I'm lucky that I am short and skinny and I can buy some longer pants and dresses and they will fit in the waist well in the dressing room but I'll have them altered, hemmed, adjusted for my short self later-- I guess the short people are keeping the tailors of the world in business, but still, this is a pain in the ass.

Well I'm still dreaming and hoping more retail brands will wake up and pay attention to the short consumer of all sizes, and I do have a lot of clothes, but many of them I still need to get tailored, they are just sitting there in my closet, sad and wanting to be worn, but I am too short for them. So here I go, forking out more money for alterations.

I still believe shorter is better,

P.s: Check out this site:

Have you discovered a great brand that includes petite's? Let me know about it.

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