Thursday, October 27, 2011

My adventures at Joe Fresh today and petite perspective

Hey Girls,

I stopped by Joe Fresh's Pop Up store on Madison Avenue yesterday. The man behind Club Monaco, Joseph Mimran, is taking over NYC. And you will see Joe Fresh stores coming in November on Fifth Avenue and also at 34th Street.

The staff was so attentive and kind (and consisted of petite/short chicks!) and one sweet lady snapped some pics of me in the dressing room with my iPhone :) The dress  below is $39 and shoes are also Joe Fresh. There is a nice collection of shoes in the store too. I'm wearing an XS (little big) could be me though, but petite chicks can find something for sure inside this store, I think the fit is similar to an Express store or an H&M. Joe Fresh has a nice amount of range preppy to casual and sporty, basic shirts to vests and dresses,  skirts, coats and a great amount of jeans too, there's a lot of product, even gloves and scarfs, a lot more product than I thought. Big dressing rooms.

I loved the camel colors I saw and grays and the store has a preppy, mature, classy look, it's not wild or 'loud clothing' and the styles don't scream but they are attention grabbing still, so depending on your style I think you'd find something you could wear often.

Some pics from my adventures in Joe Fresh so far:

Aim high no matter your height!

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