Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meet the Baby Giraffe at Bronx Zoo-he's already 6 feet tall!

Hey Girls,

In my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" I'm known to call the tall models giraffes (hehe).

Also in my graphic novel Model Life, you will see how I use the symbol of a giraffe for a tall model here in these images from the book (which is also available on the iPhone and iPad as a mobile comic on the iVerse comics + app).

Model Life, illustrated by Jazmin Ruotolo, check out the book details here.

I wanted to share with you that a real baby giraffe, a baby Baringo giraffe will be making his public debut in the zoo’s African Plains exhibit.

He’s already six feet tall and weighs more than 100 pounds, but by the time he’s an adult, zoo officials say he could be more than 17 feet tall and weigh a whopping 4,000 pounds. via CBS NY

Here is a video of the baby giraffe at the Bronx Zoo.

Did you know giraffes are pregnant for 15 months, a little over a year! And give birth standing up and  the baby giraffe falls 6 feet to the ground! Learn more about giraffes here.

Three cheers for this new six foot and growing baby giraffe!
I plan to make a trip and see it soon!


P.s:  E! is producing an eight-episode “docu-series” called Scouted about model scouts set to premiere at the end of November. In my experience the word Model Scout has meant scamland-if a guy comes up to you and says "you could be a model" I suggest to RUN! Because I see the image of forking over money, and being scammed by a pervert comes to mind, but of course there are those stories of beautiful and tall giraffe models from Dekalb, Illinois who are discovered on farms and other models who are discovered  and scouted in airports, malls and while walking the streets of Paris, but for the average girl in America a.k.a print models, it's not really about "being discovered"at all, in fact waiting to be discovered can mean waiting forever, instead to get opportunities in the modeling industry as a shorter girl it's about discovering your self and marketing your assets, height isn't everything, with the right photos to the right print modeling agencies and is more about you going after it. Saying hello I exist! Still, think fashion modeling is everything, think again, and take a look at the dark side of it here. For more on the grit and grim of hustling as a model and making yourself one, check out my book Almost 5'4".

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