Thursday, October 27, 2011

Maybe Molly Sims' Project Accessory show can inspire shorter models of all sizes

Hey Girls,

Tonight! premieres Project Accessory Oct 27 10:30 pm et/pt and I think you should tune in.

The Scoop:

Model and actress Molly Sims (Sports Illustrated, CoverGirl) will host Lifetime's new show 'Project Accessory.' A new show where designers design accessories and this got me thinking about you, and how much I hate most reality TV, but I am intrigued with this concept and it's like, "Hello, there you are! Well duh an accessories show already, where have you been!"

I plan to check out a couple episodes to see if it might be something for you to learn something from--for a modeling angle.

Yes reality TV has the drama and crying but I'd like the viewer to take inspiration away from these shows. I mean you spend an hour watching it, you might as well go away with something that makes you think and inspires you. I'm not into fluff TV, She stole my hair brush! Who really gives a F. 

Anyways, Sims has her own accessories line and I hope the show will involve models of all sizes, not just griaffes, because in modeling accessories is an area girls of all sizes can find work. Sims also has her own own accessory line and coming soon is, which will be a lifestyle site with tips on design and insight on her ventures.

I love accessories, and modeling shoes, handbags and jewelry were some of my first modeling jobs and here are some of my tips for modeling accessories (which can also fall into parts modeling):

Who say's you have to be giraffe tall to model that handbag, that jewelry, or those gloves and silk scarf, so put on that hat and model that shoe girl, height isn't everything!


Yum my foot at Macy's.

Did you know: Shoe models are typically a size 6 shoe for mass retail brands and most girls who are a size 6 shoe are not giraffes, they are short, like you and me, which is why I've done a lot of shoe modeling. If you are a size 6 -7 shoe and live in the NYC area and interested in shoe modeling, email me at with your shoe size and a pic of yourself feet and a headshot.

illustrations by Jazmin Ruotolo from my graphic novel Model Life

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