Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mad Fashion favorite shoe of Ruthie Davis -Chris March's shoe dress was hot too!

Ruthie Davis pumps
Hey Girls,

While I work on my YA novel and other projects I listen to  music or turn the TV on, it's how I watch TV, it's hard for me to sit through a whole show, I just can't sit still! My mind runs, and while I worked I had on tonight Mad Fashion on Bravo. Chris March, was designing a dress for shoe designer Ruthie Davis. His first thought: A dress mad of shoes!

It was a two part dress, and the leather jacket top did hit the Bond Girl appeal, and it a dangerous and sexy edge with the heels of a shoe sticking out at the shoulders, it looked like she also had a leather skirt, and then the caged shoe skirt was attached.  Like Whoa!

The skirt had a bad ass dominatrix cage with shoes attached to the interior of it, total beautiful shoe-whore vibe, and I loved it! Perfect for a memorable event, a party your hosting or halloween.

Incase you haven't seen her shoes, those above are Ruthie Davis® "Palm Spring" Platform Pumps

PRICE: $795.00
I will admit, my eyebrows were up when I saw the price, for many that's half of rent! But I do like the artistic elements and colors and height of her shoe designs and this would be a purchase to wear for a life time, not something to prance around accidentally stepping in dog shit in!
I love mint and aquamarine, I used to have a pair of mint colored shoes I adored, and Ruthie Davis Women's Ice Platform Pump caught my eye!
I liked Chris March's shoe dress on Ruthie too! Artistic fashion is never too crazy. Check out Chris' book, I Heart Chris March too.
Aim high and Stand Tall! Height isn't everything,

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