Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Info on full body part modeling for health, fitness and beauty

Yeah, that's me. This modeling job for Whole Living magazine involved butt, legs and feet.

I'm planning some more posts on parts modeling, I've been asked about it lately, and as a short girl it's a nice area to gain some tearsheets and work with some good bands to grow a portfolio, when it comes to full body parts models, if you have a nice body, tone, proportioned, and are comfortable with your body and curious about "full body parts modeling" for *health, beauty, fitness* NO GLAMOUR**email me at with PARTS in subject.  Send your stomach shots, classy body shots, legs-even shorter girls can use their legs for editorials on skincare and ads for skincare products. I work with parts agencies in NYC and if you live in area and have the right shots and interest and they look good I'll send your pics to my agencies.

It helps if you live in a city like LA or NYC but if you live in a smaller city you can still reach out. :)

More posts on the topic of parts modeling and how you can use your body in beautiful, respectable, and classy ways to work with brands and magazines and have a professional experience and get paid well for it...coming soon.


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