Sunday, October 23, 2011

Imagine girls paying for imperfection? It's happening.

Hey Girls,

Imagine women paying for imperfection? It's happening. And what it really comes down to is women not loving what they naturally are, letting their physical define too much, and not noticing the beautiful person they are inside.

This article below pissed me off. I wanted to say to these women: Don't judge yourself against others based on your looks alone, when you meet someone don't be quick to judge them by noticing only their beauty or finding their flaws, judge only by who they are as a person, how they treat people and judge yourself based on how you treat people.

Focus on the inner you. If your inner self is happy you will see that your imperfections--or based on this article below, lack of imperfections--are fine the way they are. I know it's not easy, but you can learn to appreciate and love what you naturally are, your teeth might represent a whole family tree of people with teeth like yours that you inherited--I hated my teeth growing up but when I learned my grandmother had teeth like mine and we also had other things in common too physically, I saw how history ran through my genes...and I began to value my natural self more.

Ignore being anything but true to that. Maybe it's our egos trying to constantly feel loved and pretty and wanted. Maybe it's the images we see that are airbrushed beyond realism, or the sex appeal of our world and obsession with youth, but it's madness not remind yourself that the love you give, to yourself, to others and the world means more than how straight your teeth are or aren't, means more than the size of your ass. And I love reading about fashion, beauty and trends, I work in the modeling industry, but often I focus on being inspired in ways that have nothing to do with the physical and everything to do with my brain and heart:

Granted she looks giraffe tall, but it's cool when fashion agencies welcome tall 81 year old models, I mean these days 40 is the new 29 and 80 is the new 45, I guess....we are youth and health obsessed now-- Ida Keeling, a 96-year-old, leather jacket–wearing, record-setting runner via, some of the best actors today are over 50, and I think we WILL see older models being spokesmodels and being a part of campaigns for lifestyle and fashion retailers, she's rockin those boots pretty well:


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