Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fashion and Beauty News that caught my eye for all sizes

When I was in Coney Island this summer I picked up some of this Dogadan tea, I added a little slice of Apple and I'll eat the rest of the apple with it (apples are good for you!) and enjoy my tea time while I read some fashion and beauty news.

Meet Marie Claire's new Big Girl in a Skinny World columnist Nicolette Mason...

Loved the shots of Michele Williams in Vogue as Marilyn Monroe, Photographed by Annie Leibovitz:

Love how shared petite wedding guest dresses here:

Have you read's Eyebrow Makeover Tips? Check them out here:

What's in? Gorilla sleeves? Seriously, I'm not so sure  'gorilla sleeves' would look so hot on petites, kinda ugly actually:

I didn't live in sweatpants in college and NYC was my campus in so many ways and I really got to experiment and discover my favorite looks, and this article takes on how college students are looking a lot more fashionable these days:

California Bans Tanning Beds for Minors:

Learn about shopping for bargain makeup at the dollar store and tips on how to snag the good stuff:

Other buzz:
Coco Rocha shares why models should be mature and should start modeling when they are older, not 15 year old.

You really want to walk on the runway and are feeling bad for not being giraffe tall? Well don't forget the catwalk involves the yanks and pulls and tugs from hairstylist and makeup artists and the shoes might ruin your feet if your not used to high heels and walking in them:

More on what Fashion Week does to a fashion model's feet, grab a mega bandaid girls:

Just heard from the fabulous Makeup Artist Monae Everett she is great for natural beauty shoots and she is holding a beauty giveaway, check it out girls! you can find Monae here on Facebook and also on Twitter @MonaeArtistry check out the Sebastian products giveaway details here: and if you love makeup and hair news here is her blog:

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Remember to give some love to the natural you and celebrate your inner beauty more often,


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