Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Hold the Date Beauties!

If you live in the Syracuse area come out and get a fabulous new haircut in support of my longest friend Ginny and her beautiful baby girl and the memory of her husband Brad:
Reserve Sunday November 6, 2011 to join us at Sharkey's in Liverpool (7240 Oswego Road (Rt. 57), formerly Hooligan's & across from Flamingo Bowl) from 1PM-6PM for our fundraiser benefitting Ginny & Addy Gaudet. Buffet (pre-sale ticket holders only) & entertainment will be provided. Haircuts for a minimum $10 donation, raffles from area vendors, and 50/50 will be available to everyone who joins us! Tickets are $20 and are available for pre-sale only. Contact Phillips for purchase or for more info: 315 422 9656.!/phillipshairinstitute

Earlier this month petite model Edaliz Pacheco was rockin the runway at the Presentation of Miss World's Puerto Rico outfits for the international pageant to be held at London this November. All modeled by petites from 5 1" to 5 6". Some pics Edaliz shared with me from the presentation:

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show & Sale - in NYC
This Friday-Saturday, October 21-22, 2011

Calvin Klein sat down with IMG Fashion Week creator Fern Mallis at New York’s 92nd Street Y last night for a chat about his childhood and jeans, fragrance and underwear success:

My husband is an Aggie and this caught my eye:
The Aggie Moms will host "A Black and White Night" Fashion Show and Banquet on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at Kingwood Country Club. This event begins at 6 p.m. and features a fashion show by Dirt Road Divas and Once Upon A Time Bridal. Ticket are $35 and available at Alspaugh's Ace Hardware or by visiting for ticket information. A silent auction will be held and a raffle for beautiful raffle baskets. Raffle tickets are also available via the website. They are $5 for 1 ticket or 5 tickets for $20. All proceeds go to the Kingwood/Humble area Aggie student rewards fund.

What ever happened to parents telling their children their beautiful the way they are and helping their kids with the pressures of being liked with showing them why they should like themselves. Everyone gets teased about something in life and rejection is not just a teen thing and having to learn to love self is something that happens life long. Those shoes, those straight teeth, perfect nose doesn't mean rejection will stop when you reach 18. It doesn't. We are always trying to prove to ourselves our ability and worth. We all have our own physical battles, and I know it's not easy to find the beauty in something that you may consider at first a flaw (I have had an overbite and a gap between my teeth all my life, and I still do) but changing your face from the sake of being teased is something that upsets me and makes me cringe. If you experience an accident (this girl in the article broke her nose twice) and if you want your old nose back then it's your face and if it truely makes you more happy okay, but to change the history of your genes, to say "I hate my big forehead" without considering what makes up your very existence is the history of that forehead. Your parents parents and their parents, which you should respect had that forehead probably and find beauty in knowing where you come from.  I know it's tough to love everything about yourself, we all have baggage. But saying "yeah your right my nose is huge I'll change it and get a new one," is allowing the insecurities of others make you insecure. No confident and caring person teases another and purposely aims to hurt their ego. They know if they can't say something nice they don't say anything at all. A person who teases another and gives you hell over the size of your nose has issues of their own. Way bigger than the size of your nose. I'm not happy about plastic surgery being what makes young girls feel better about themselves. Be brave and be true to the real you. I didn't even know how to tweeze my eyebrows until I got to college. No one is perfect. If we were imagine how boring everyone would be. We are born with what we are both with and it's up to us to love it, to give it a chance. It's our duty to ourselves to find the positive, to see it. I wish people would focus more on their internal beauty and get that in check before they change their faces.


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