Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breakings News: Little Red Riding Hood and Hunter Kill the Wolf!

Hey Girls,

Well I didn't plan on meeting the love of my life today but love can sneak up on you like that, because during my journey in the woods to see grandma this afternoon a big scary, hairy wolf approached me and I was too frightened to move, he was getting closer and closer and then a little too close and I started to run.

I’m pretty fast (even in my high heels) but wasn’t fast enough and that nasty wolf grabbed my cape and pounced on me and I was thinking HOLY SHIT, but thankfully a hunky handsome Hunter heard my scream and was there with his axe to help me…he saved my life really. Oh I jabbed that wolf in the face a few times too with the heels of my shoes, but really it was the Hunter who saved me. Even though it’s been freezing, we spent the day walking in the woods together, and we just had our first kiss, it warmed me right up, and he told me it was fate we met and that he wants to spend even more time with me-- and now we are getting ready to have some dinner and celebrate our kill! Poor grandma, she never got her candy today!

While the Hunter cleans off some blood from his face from killin the wolf I'm reading about this chick Snow White she seems cool but is her face really as white as snow? Well I might give her a call next week for some lunch to find out :) hehe

More pics coming soon.

 ♥ Little Red Riding Hood


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