Monday, October 17, 2011

Being a fashion model isn't that awesome not when you compare it to print modeling

Hey Girls,

These segments on ABC News caught my eye, they are intriguing and informative, from Estee Laude signing their first Asian spokesmodel Liu Wen, and to Andrej Pejic, a non-gender male model who is booking a lot of work in fashion. Female models do get paid more than male models but not Andre, his beauty is really appealing for both male and female runway shows.  Along with the day in the life of newbie fashion models...they are broke and unhappy, not only because their life is based on being the right size and on fitting in the clothes.

Yeah, a shorter girl will have a tough time finding opportunities in this area of modeling that's based on being a certain height and measurement, but remember height isn't everything and high fashion modeling and being giraffe tall isn't everything either.

If you are shorter and want to pursue modeling remember then modeling is about print modeling and modeling products well and naturally, so make sure you know how to do this.

Print modeling involves modeling products made for the mass market, products that every day people use. Usually these campaigns involve a smile. So whether it is a paper cup, a stapler, a chair, a hair product, a cell phone, a handbag, print modeling takes fitting the model's personality and vibe with the product.

To get a print modeling agency and the job: If you are not showing your personality in your photos work on that, a smile shot especially. You can be beautiful but if you have no personality you won't book work in print modeling usually. To get opportunities it takes knowing your strengths, know what you can bring to the business of marketing and sell products and your personality counts, and smile shots and shots that show your upbeat persona are great. Height and being the right measurement aren't everything but you have to see it that way and notice your assets, focus on what you DO have that is marketable, and understand the images you need to get opportunities. There is a lot of prep work to be done on your part, print modeling is very different than fashion. Your perception can lead to your success.

In my opinion being a fashion model isn't that awesome, not when you compare it to print modeling. In print modeling you can model until you are 80, there is no size requirement, of course being proportioned can help, but it isn't so much about fitting a certain size of clothing than it's about fitting with the vibe of the product and relating to the humanistic consumer, it's more realistic and positive in my opinion and can involve laughing, smiles, showing you are having a great time towards the camera, instead of looking constipated while wearing a high fashion garment...when it's lunch time you can eat as much lunch as you want---yet modeling is competitive and a very tough pursuit no matter your height but at least in print modeling you won't get bitched at if you gain a pound and if you are not 5'10".


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