Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breakings News: Little Red Riding Hood and Hunter Kill the Wolf!

Hey Girls,

Well I didn't plan on meeting the love of my life today but love can sneak up on you like that, because during my journey in the woods to see grandma this afternoon a big scary, hairy wolf approached me and I was too frightened to move, he was getting closer and closer and then a little too close and I started to run.

I’m pretty fast (even in my high heels) but wasn’t fast enough and that nasty wolf grabbed my cape and pounced on me and I was thinking HOLY SHIT, but thankfully a hunky handsome Hunter heard my scream and was there with his axe to help me…he saved my life really. Oh I jabbed that wolf in the face a few times too with the heels of my shoes, but really it was the Hunter who saved me. Even though it’s been freezing, we spent the day walking in the woods together, and we just had our first kiss, it warmed me right up, and he told me it was fate we met and that he wants to spend even more time with me-- and now we are getting ready to have some dinner and celebrate our kill! Poor grandma, she never got her candy today!

While the Hunter cleans off some blood from his face from killin the wolf I'm reading about this chick Snow White she seems cool but is her face really as white as snow? Well I might give her a call next week for some lunch to find out :) hehe

More pics coming soon.

 ♥ Little Red Riding Hood


Friday, October 28, 2011

Great Chevy commercial during the World Series game last night by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners,

Hey Girls,

BTW LOVED this Chevy commercial during the World Series game last night by Ad Agency – Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, check it out, love how they used photographs then and now to share Chevy's 100 year journey. Ray Charles singing...perfect really. I like the little girl and her red shoes and the kissin couple...(also that 'hand' is a male hand model in action)...come on Texas get it back! ~Isobella

Favorite Little Thing: Neiman Marcus Colorblock tote perfect for modeling portfolios

Hey Girls,

Finding a good bag to carry your modeling portfolio in can be a challenge, a modeling portfolio is  12.5” Height x 9.5” Width so you need a bag with some height and length especially if you are short and stylish.

While on Neiman Marcus recently I saw this wicked cute colorblock faux leather tote and it's perfect for a portfolio with a size of 15.75"Height x 12.5"Width x 5.5"Diameter with an 8" handle drop.  It will hold your portfolio and your life!


Height isn't everything but it's nice when your handbag has some height! :)


More on modeling portfolios and compcards:

Favorite Little Thing: Vince Camuto's Bette pump rocks

Hey Girls,

It's been rainy in NYC and the sun is out finally, yeah yeah! I'm rocking the Bette pump in dusk from Vince Camuto. I picked these up from the Grand Central Store, check out the video and also see my BCBG dress alteration.

Stive on!

Find my books about striving as a shorter model in NYC here:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My adventures at Joe Fresh today and petite perspective

Hey Girls,

I stopped by Joe Fresh's Pop Up store on Madison Avenue yesterday. The man behind Club Monaco, Joseph Mimran, is taking over NYC. And you will see Joe Fresh stores coming in November on Fifth Avenue and also at 34th Street.

The staff was so attentive and kind (and consisted of petite/short chicks!) and one sweet lady snapped some pics of me in the dressing room with my iPhone :) The dress  below is $39 and shoes are also Joe Fresh. There is a nice collection of shoes in the store too. I'm wearing an XS (little big) could be me though, but petite chicks can find something for sure inside this store, I think the fit is similar to an Express store or an H&M. Joe Fresh has a nice amount of range preppy to casual and sporty, basic shirts to vests and dresses,  skirts, coats and a great amount of jeans too, there's a lot of product, even gloves and scarfs, a lot more product than I thought. Big dressing rooms.

I loved the camel colors I saw and grays and the store has a preppy, mature, classy look, it's not wild or 'loud clothing' and the styles don't scream but they are attention grabbing still, so depending on your style I think you'd find something you could wear often.

Some pics from my adventures in Joe Fresh so far:

Aim high no matter your height!

Maybe Molly Sims' Project Accessory show can inspire shorter models of all sizes

Hey Girls,

Tonight! premieres Project Accessory Oct 27 10:30 pm et/pt and I think you should tune in.

The Scoop:

Model and actress Molly Sims (Sports Illustrated, CoverGirl) will host Lifetime's new show 'Project Accessory.' A new show where designers design accessories and this got me thinking about you, and how much I hate most reality TV, but I am intrigued with this concept and it's like, "Hello, there you are! Well duh an accessories show already, where have you been!"

I plan to check out a couple episodes to see if it might be something for you to learn something from--for a modeling angle.

Yes reality TV has the drama and crying but I'd like the viewer to take inspiration away from these shows. I mean you spend an hour watching it, you might as well go away with something that makes you think and inspires you. I'm not into fluff TV, She stole my hair brush! Who really gives a F. 

Anyways, Sims has her own accessories line and I hope the show will involve models of all sizes, not just griaffes, because in modeling accessories is an area girls of all sizes can find work. Sims also has her own own accessory line and coming soon is, which will be a lifestyle site with tips on design and insight on her ventures.

I love accessories, and modeling shoes, handbags and jewelry were some of my first modeling jobs and here are some of my tips for modeling accessories (which can also fall into parts modeling):

Who say's you have to be giraffe tall to model that handbag, that jewelry, or those gloves and silk scarf, so put on that hat and model that shoe girl, height isn't everything!


Yum my foot at Macy's.

Did you know: Shoe models are typically a size 6 shoe for mass retail brands and most girls who are a size 6 shoe are not giraffes, they are short, like you and me, which is why I've done a lot of shoe modeling. If you are a size 6 -7 shoe and live in the NYC area and interested in shoe modeling, email me at with your shoe size and a pic of yourself feet and a headshot.

illustrations by Jazmin Ruotolo from my graphic novel Model Life

The Model Pitch: Iris Egbers let's hear it for this giraffe


Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2012

Hey Girls,

Talk about a giraffe. Recently model Iris Egbers was featured in WWD for how she emailed her pics to Supreme and has gotten a lot of attention in the fashion world. Supreme has her listed at 5'10"! A true giraffe! And if you are 5'2" you will have a hard time getting a response when pitching fashion agencies but often I preach the power of the pitch and being self-made and the point of sharing Iris's story with you is that it reminds me of THE PITCH, it's all about the pitch, finding the right agencies to pitch (for short chicks: print modeling agencies and talent agencies and casting professionals), making sure you are sending the right photos, being a model marketer and giving yourself a chance.

Also in this WWD feature with Iris Egbers, she mentions her skin, and how a lack of sleep had done a number on it from lack of sleep during fashion shows, and sleep no matter your height is so important for good skin. Some ways to keep skin looking fresh are below.
Isobella's fresh and beautiful skin tips:

Girls get some good sleep, 7-8 hours. Especially befoer a modeling job or casting. Days ahead of time if possible.

Drink Water and a lot of it, H20 hydrates you and your skin, remember what you put in your body affects how your skin looks, so when you eat or drink imagine rubbing it all over your face! That's basically what's happening inside.

Moisturize and tone skin daily, morning before makeup and at night after shower. Warm showers can dry the skin, you'll notice how your skin feels a bit dry when you come out of a warm/hot shower, so give it some love and put some mosturize back into your skin. Moisturizing is also important from your forehead to your toes. Do it daily. Right out of the shower is a nice time.

Do my favorite at home do-it-yourself awesome coffee body scrub and add a little to your chin and cheeks and nose for exfoliating the skin.

Be aware of your pillow and bedsheets, you can get a zit just from having unclean bedsheets so wash them weekly!

Fask masks rocks! I love giving myself a face mask (these LUSH face masks are awesome I love the BB Seaweed and Brazened Honey), I do them weekly or every couple weeks to revive my skin.

Don't go to bed with makeup on it causes breakouts, and after a modeling job or when the day is done wash your face as soon as possible.

Eat those veggies and that fruit. I eat a lot of pasta and veggies. I try to eat a piece of fruit a day if possible it's important to eat health for good skin.

If you have a zit, I suggest zapping your zit early. It is a good idea to know your face, know what areas are pron to breakouts and keep an eye on them, also know what type of skin you have.

When you are not as tall as Iris Egbers you can still find modeling opportunities if you focus on your other assets beyond height, and actually having clean and clear skin can be what gets you the job.

Keep on glowing girl!

P.s:  Here are tips for creating a beauty shot.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Original Penguin Trench in XS-XL

Hey Girls,

I'm happy that Original Penguin has added some more styles to their collection for women, this cute trench coat caught my eye, very sleek and sexy and sophisticated all in one, and it comes in XS-XL!

Obsessed fashion that fits short chicks of all sizes,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte please and a LUSH Pumpkin Knot-Wrap is so cute

Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte please, stopped into Starbucks on Sixth Ave today.

Also while out picked up this cute limited-edition Pumpkin Knot-Wrap with a bath bomb inside, at LUSH:


Check out my favorite coffee hand's free basically

Hey Girls,

In this video I share my favorite coffee hand scrub, great for dry skin, and it's free...basically. I'm wearing Revlon's Vixen nail polish and also a Calvin Klein dress purchased at T.J Maxx. ~Isobella

View here (turn down my podcast on the right side to hear better)
Or click here to watch this video and my others.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Reading makes you even more stylish- saw this in Vogue

Hey Girls,

Saw this in the November issue of Vogue, way to go for the smart ad placement for awareness :) "you can look good while reading a book! And reading (and reading to kids) makes you even more stylish"-Isobella Jade

Favorite Little Thing: Gray pumps and Purple pumps

Hey Girls,
Finding the basics can be hard sometimes and I like a clean and preppy shoe that's still sexy, so here are some basic gray and purple shoes that have it all, height, sexy, sophistication and bound to get compliments too.

Light gray patent PureD by Charles David is purely hot, at

Suede Pump, Powder Gray Pour la Victoire at Neiman Marcus
My style: Sexy with a sweater dress, cute tights, pair with your little black dresses or jeans.

Fashion and beauty buzz for all sizes

My favorite Tommy Hilfiger Ballet Flat flats and thin lace socks

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Hey Girls, Coming up is a Girls Incorporated® of Long Island event, here are the details:   
Title:Taste of the World
Location:Hosted by Appliance World
Start Date:November 1, 2011 7:00 PM
End Date:November 1, 2011 9:00 PM
Description:Girls Incorporated® of Long Island will be hosting their second annual Taste of the World, wine and food tasting event, at Appliance World, 414 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY, on November 1, 2011, 7-9PM. Four inspiring women to be honored: Susan Ganz, MBA, Center for Wealth Preservation; Jacqueline Grennon Brooks, Ed.D., IDEAS Institute, Hofstra University; Kathleen King, Founder of Tate’s Bakery Shop; and Lauren Ruotlo, Hearst Magazines, Author of “Unstoppable in Stilettos”. Call for more information 516.428.7028

Tune in to Lauren Ruotolo's inspiring segment on my podcast here:

Boxer AMIR Khan is on posters and magazine adverts for Prada'a new “Resolute” style of sunglasses. He said about being a first time model that it is a bit boring, difficult, but he enjoys the opportunity and mentioned that he gets free shades, which he likes since he is now in LA. The campaign is shot by legendary portrait photographer Brigitte Lacombe. And you can watch Amir Khan against Lamont Peterson in Washington DC on December 10,  on Dec 10th. via:

Fashion Fair Cosmetics Deepens Its Coverage:

Louis Vuitton and their monogram handbags, along with jewelry, watches, eyewear, is now preparing to launch fragrance category:

Their shoes are hot and now Nine West is strutting towards a fragrance business too, with its first scent, Love Fury, coming soon, look for it in mid-January:

Meet the ladies behind the small-town shoe boutique Kick in La Crosse, Wisconsin (Their boutique is located in a historic building that was an old cigar factory.)


P.s: Yesterday I did Yoga for the first time and enjoyed it. I was wearing in the class a pair of pants and top from:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Favorite Petite highlight: Chanel: A Women of Her Own and check out photographs by Douglas Kirkland

photographer: Douglas Kirkland

Photographer Douglas Kirkland

Gabrielle Coco Chanel is one of my favorite petites. Her passion for pursuing her work and her take no shit attitude and her strength. How she chose to be a women in business over love can prove her passion, during a time when it wasn't common for a women to work so much and went through a life of deep loneliness because of it, despite the glory and fame. If you haven't read the book Chanel: A Women of Her Own then go get it, it's one of my favorite books!  See, it's on my bookshelf here below.

In the book there are many photographs and Axel Madsen really details Chanel's life so carefully and beautifully. There are also five other new books out recently to check out on Chanel.

Also you can research and check out the beautiful photographs (here) of Coco Chanel by Douglas Kirkland who caught her in the moment of doing her passion in the day and the life style.

You may have heard of Douglas Kirkland also because he shot Marilyn Monroe and has a book called An Evening With Marilyn with beautiful and intimate photographs of her.


A new beauty favorite little thing video is up

Hey Girls,

A new beauty favorite little thing video is up on how your contact case is great for face cleansers and your beauty routine when your on the go. Enjoy! ~Isobella

Turkey earthquake: strongest in Turkish history

Hey Girls,

This weekend I was enjoying Turkish food in Midtown and then this morning heard about the strong earthquake today in VAN, Turkey, I'm sad for this rural area and the people there, the quake was among the strongest in Turkish history, and the worst since 1999 and wanted to share the news on it with you if you haven't heard:


P.s. Think Turkey is a world away? Think again, it might be right on your back or on the handbag you're carrying. A lot of fashion manufacturing happens in Turkey. Check your clothing labels, you might be wearing a Made in Turkey shirt or dress:

Imagine girls paying for imperfection? It's happening.

Hey Girls,

Imagine women paying for imperfection? It's happening. And what it really comes down to is women not loving what they naturally are, letting their physical define too much, and not noticing the beautiful person they are inside.

This article below pissed me off. I wanted to say to these women: Don't judge yourself against others based on your looks alone, when you meet someone don't be quick to judge them by noticing only their beauty or finding their flaws, judge only by who they are as a person, how they treat people and judge yourself based on how you treat people.

Focus on the inner you. If your inner self is happy you will see that your imperfections--or based on this article below, lack of imperfections--are fine the way they are. I know it's not easy, but you can learn to appreciate and love what you naturally are, your teeth might represent a whole family tree of people with teeth like yours that you inherited--I hated my teeth growing up but when I learned my grandmother had teeth like mine and we also had other things in common too physically, I saw how history ran through my genes...and I began to value my natural self more.

Ignore being anything but true to that. Maybe it's our egos trying to constantly feel loved and pretty and wanted. Maybe it's the images we see that are airbrushed beyond realism, or the sex appeal of our world and obsession with youth, but it's madness not remind yourself that the love you give, to yourself, to others and the world means more than how straight your teeth are or aren't, means more than the size of your ass. And I love reading about fashion, beauty and trends, I work in the modeling industry, but often I focus on being inspired in ways that have nothing to do with the physical and everything to do with my brain and heart:

Granted she looks giraffe tall, but it's cool when fashion agencies welcome tall 81 year old models, I mean these days 40 is the new 29 and 80 is the new 45, I guess....we are youth and health obsessed now-- Ida Keeling, a 96-year-old, leather jacket–wearing, record-setting runner via, some of the best actors today are over 50, and I think we WILL see older models being spokesmodels and being a part of campaigns for lifestyle and fashion retailers, she's rockin those boots pretty well:


Payless gets it's short and chic pride on!

Hey Girls, I saw in my inbox Payless getting it's short and chick pride on so I had to share it with you.

My favorite. The pretty berry Lively platform.
Check out the Lively platform here. $29.99

Strive on!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Favorite Little thing of the day: Güllüoglu Baklava Cafe

Hey Girls,

My man was getting his hair cut and I went to this cafe, it turned out to be frickin awesome.

Favorite Little thing of the day: Güllüoglu Baklava Cafe
On 2nd Ave and 52nd Street.
TRY:  Ceviz Dolama w walnut

Today prancing around Midtown and scrambled eggs tortillas (pics)

Hey Girls, I hope your weekend has been inspiring and memorable. Was prancing around midtown in my Gap tweed coat, Tommy Hilfiger Women's Brit Ballet Flat, and Levi's Curve ID jeans and Ralph Lauren shirt I got for a steal at  Marshalls and Hunting World handbag. I mix it up. :) ~Isobella

home made brunch: Made veggie scrambled eggs tortillas today