Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why does it take so long for the modeling agency to contact me? Answered!

Hey Girls,

I was recently asked on my Facebook by an aspiring model, why does it always take sooo long to hear back from an agency??

My reply might also help your own pursuits:

Well, they might not have any work that fits your stats right now, they receive a lot of submissions, they might not be interested, they might be holding onto your comp card /images and waiting to see if any work comes in for your look, before they call you.

The best thing to do is keep striving and keep submitting your comp cards out to other agencies, and to stay busy. :)

After you've submitted and submitted, if you don't get any interest you may feel doubt but remember modeling is competitive and legit print modeling agencies are not going to waste their time working with you if they can't market you and book you work. Keep moving on, keep submitting and even re-submit to the agencies again a new comp card with new photos. As a striving self-made model you are always striving to improve your photos and prepare as best as you can for creating your opportunities.
It's true, hence my memoir Almost 5'4" (it's also an ebook for $3.99, make sure you have your Kindle and Nook and iBookstore apps, for reading on your phone at night when you can't sleep!)...anyways, it took me some time (a couple years and some mistakes later) to get my stuff together with the right photos, comp card, and the right mindset. Targeting the right agencies with the right photos is so important. Make sure you are creating marketable photos that are realistic for your realistically ambitious modeling goals. Here is more on photos and also more on the marketing mindset as a model.


P.s:  Love finding $15 in my rain coat pocket, was on my way to TJ Maxx and Marshalls today on Sixth Ave, both stores have a nice selection of petite sizes which is nice, and made my rounds also to Pippin Vintage Jewelry, I bought a cute pair of Jade earrings (wink).

I'll have a video up soon featuring the earrings and some of my recent finds shopping bargains.

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