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Plowing through modeling agency rejection- don't lose hope

Hey Girls,

I recently replied to a girl from Australia, who asked, " I have been trying to get into modelling agency's since I was 14 which was when I realised that this was my passion and I wanted to pursue modelling as a fulltime career. This is my dream!!! I would be happy to move or travel to pursue my dreams but I am starting to feel like maybe I am just crazy for wanting to be a model. I have been rejected by agencys, time and time again and I am starting to lose hope. I am 5 ft 7, I have a vey lean size 6-8 body with good bone structure. I have found that everytime I send pictures into agency's they tell me I'm not the look they are after even though I am photogenic and slim. They say I'm too short and have no future in modelling. I know height is partly an excuse as I have seen models become sucessful that are my height. Yet they all seem to have a awkard feature like big bushy eyebrows etc. I really don't know what to do now. I so badly want to be in with a good agency and I know I have the intelligence and skills to be a very sucessful model. I just havent found anyone who believes in me yet. Any advice or tips you could give me that might help me with the next step would be much appreciated?"

My reply might also help your own modeling pursuits as a shorter model facing rejection:

Hi Hun,

Being 5'7" is this strange middle ground area, your too short for fashion but you have some height that gives you a fashion appeal. But with the right ambition and mindset you can find modeling opportunities. It might be hard to find them in fashion, and I understand how the doubt of others can creep in and make you feel hopeless, but hang in there, don't give up because can still use what you naturally have to work with an agency and book work as a model. I suggest reaching out to some print modeling agencies, and I suggest creating photos that show your personality, not just your edge and fashion appeal but your smile, your spunk, natural beauty with pretty and clean beauty shots that bring out the real you. Print modeling agencies andtalent agencies work with brands and magazines that book more realistic and humanistic models, where height isn't the prime focus. They love models with personality and energy, upbeat models who bring out the personality of lifestyle and commercial brands. You can still put your length to use, and consider "parts modeling" as well, and using your proportioned body to model for editorials within skincare and ads that involve shoes, health, fitness. Don't dwell on the height thing so much, and the inches you might lack for high fashion modeling when there is so much else to pursue, fashion is not everything. Focus on the things you have that can be marketable, and produce photos that represent these assets, bring out your personality and energy in your photos, study ads of all types not just fashion ones, prepare a comp card and mail it to print modeling agencies and talent agencies. And in the mean time perhaps reach out to local aspiring brands or boutiques in your area that might need a model, be a model marketer!

I had to mail modeling agencies over and over, improving each time my photos, making a new comp card, trying again, sometimes before the one I was aiming for called. It took a self-growth, a self-improvement, a lot of work, to get my images right and prove to an agency and myself, that I may be shorter, but I have stuff that you want to work with and assets that are marketable in modeling!

Also have some experience, a tearsheet or two, might help.

Try to gain some experience modeling for an aspiring jewelry company, handbag line, or even a local mom and pop coffee shop, because showing you can, leads to people believing you can and it might take more than sending your photos to an agency to get interest. It might take some extra effort on your part. Being on that aspiring jewelry designers website or modeling in that local magazine might lead an agency that said no, to say yes. Showing your not just waiting around but busy, doing something for your goals and pursuits, shows you are serious. And a print modeling agency might not give you such a hands-on experience as a fashion agency would, but being a marketer for yourself is a good idea to gain experience and opportunity, to prove you can to them, and yourself.

Your photos are key. Make sure your photos bring out your assets, so what if you aren't giraffe tall, it doesn't take a giraffe to model that handbag, that pair of shoes, those sunglasses. Print modeling might not be as glamourous as high fashion, but you can work with great brands and magazines and products by noticing how the modeling and marketing and advertising worlds entwine. So work hard on making sure your photos represent all you can do, make sure your photos represent that doesn't matter what the product is, you have the personality to make it look great, and don't limit yourself by dwelling on the agency that said no. Another door will open, but make sure you are taking notice of the whole spectrum of what modeling is. Modeling is about modeling 'for something' so focus on product campaigns of all types and work on creating print modeling marketable photos. It's all about making it happen for yourself, and modeling is a business of rejection, so keep your positive spirit running because you're going to need it along the way of your modeling journey.


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