Monday, September 26, 2011

PAN AM dresses (sort of) for petites

Hey Girls,

My first impression of PAN AM was the word girdle.  LOL, hehe. Did you notice at the start it was mentioned that the girls/ Pan American stewardess had to be unmarried and under 32? Also they were weighed and had to have on the right equipment and pantyhose.

Learning about the background of the characters, before they were stewardess was intriguing, and the "real"  secret tasks of the stewardess, their secret love affairs and play with the pilots.

The styling and hair on the girls looks great. I think more women than men will actually watch this show, despite that the girls are beautiful and sexy, there is a feeling of independence, power and girl power that I think can carry the show. It's female driven. I like how they are pulling from real American history and applying it to the show, you can learn about some of the history of Pan American World Airways here.

If you live in NYC you might have noticed that when they were in London there was a shot of the bar Ulysses. That's actually on Stone Street, here in NYC, when I lived on Wall Street I went there often.

I was like what the hell, THAT's Ulysses! They aren't in NYC, I thought they were in London, okay, they are shooting this in NYC pretending it's London, I guess cobble stone streets do that...

If you are into vintage like I am, check out these dresses, they remind me of the glamour of Christina Ricci's ensembles on and off the airplane.

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Find at JCPenney Petite's online.

Find at JCPenney Petite's online.

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Cheers to being pint-size!!

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Have you watched the show?