Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Podcast Today! Isobella Jade on the way we use time

The way we use time

3:00 PM EST

Author, model, advocate Isobella Jade shares stories on the way she gets the most out of her day as a writer, marketer and brand, and reflects on the times she did and didn't use time well in her pursuits and also dives into personal excerpts of the highs and lows of trying to live without regrets. Jade is the author of Almost 5'4", a modeling memoir (originally written at the Apple store), a graphic novel called Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior, now a mobile read through the Comics + app, and Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, which is about the day in the life during modeling jobs that took place after Almost 5'4", all can be found on her website

Listen to the podcast segment here:

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