Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nancy Upton rocks! And her chicken looks yummy!

Have you heard of this awesome chick? Bust magazine reported how Nancy Upton isn't what American Apparel is looking for, but I have a feeling her future will involve an ad campaign anyways. I don't eat a ton of chicken (but my man's from Texas and he does), and her tongue-in-cheek photos, as Bust calls them, made me smile. In all seriousness, I think Chick-fil-A should glam up their image, call her and make her their spokesmodel and pay her a lot for it, she also rocks those sunglasses well and I could picture her in a sunglasses ad or a hair care ad as well. I am not sure her height, but you gotta love a girl who is making a statement that all sizes are sexy and beautiful and able.

American Apparel was looking for a model for the launch of its plus size line. They decided to have a contest where people could submit their own photos and other people could vote on it. The company used the tagline, “The Next BIG Thing,” which made a bunch of people mad. But one plus size woman decided to get even. Nancy Upton, a size 12 actress and student from Dallas, submitted her own photos. All of them combined elements of food and sex. Some photos featured Upton covering herself in ranch dressing. In other shots she’s using a cherry pie to hide her lady parts. Some people weren’t sure about the intent of the photos, but Upton admits they were intended to be tongue and cheek. Of course if you take out the pie and the rotisserie chicken, all the photos look a lot like the real American Apparel spreads. So you can understand the confusion.  Read more...

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