Friday, September 30, 2011

Jezebel reviews: Fashion week was slightly more diverse than usual

Jezebel's model graph

Hey Girls,

I caught Jezebel' post on how fashion week was slightly more diverse this past season than others, it caught my eye.

"This month, for the spring-summer 2012 fashion season, brands mounted some 142 shows and presentations in New York City. Those shows presented some 4,657 different women's wear looks; of those 4,657 opportunities to use a model, 3,837, or 82.4%, went to white girls. Some 394, or 8.5%, were given to black models. Asian models were again the third most popular ethnic group, getting 316, or 6.8%, of the available runway spots. Non-white Latina models were once again trailing in fourth place; out of those 4,657 looks, just 93, or 2% were given to them. During all of New York fashion week, models of other races were used just 17 times."
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You might wonder what does this mean for the short chick? Well, commercial print modeling can be influenced by the fashion world, if more Asians, Latina and Black models are used in the land of giraffes than that could mean perhaps more will be used in print modeling campaigns for lifestyle products as well. However I already notice in campaigns for non-fashion lifestyle products, products people use every day: soap, cell phones,  home goods, food chains, banks, credit cards, the models and actors in these commercials and ads are they are not all giraffe tall, and you will notice that many times the campaign involves not just one ethnicity but an Asian chick, a White chick, a Black chick, a Latina chick. I notice it also for model castings, sometimes it is all one hair color or skintone, but often brands are using a range of models so that when their target consumer/demographic sees the ad or commercial there is a model in it that relates to them.  Makes sense.

Don't feel limited by your height, by your ethnic background, or measurements, focus on what you DO have and fill your mind with visuals of not just the tall lanky giraffes in fashion magazines but notice the models of all types modeling the thousands of products that YOU actually see or use or are among each day,


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