Monday, September 19, 2011

Jane Lynch is making me want to buy a suit. A tough buy for a petite

Hey Girls,

So if you saw the The 63rd Annual Emmy Awards, then you saw Jane Lynch's suit, no not track-suit, I'm talking about her walking on stage with, no that's not me, it's Paula Abdul and aren't they hot in matching bad ass pant suits?!

I think so. Pint-Size Paula pulled it off really well, but it got me thinking, what's a short chick to do when it comes to finding a pant suit, or a blazer and skirt? And it got me Gooling. Here are some finds:

Was glad to see a petite section for suits at Macy's. Not sure the length is going to work out though, but...maybe.

At Bloomingdales I didn't find any suits when I searched petite, but found some Tahari and Nanette Lepore in smaler sizes, but that doesn't mean the length is petite friendly.

At JCPenney, I was happy to see their petite section online and found these.

At Forever21, I didn't see any pant suits, for girls anyways, I wonder if they'll add some? It would be smart. But I found these blazers which are cute for all sizes.

I would also try a T.J Maxx, Marshalls and Kohl's for pant suits and blazer's too.

Hunting for more of that sophisticate bad-ass look...


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