Monday, September 26, 2011

Isobella Jade quote: Things to love

Hey Girls,

A thought on the things to love.

It takes a huge amount of self-love to not be influenced when there is so much to compare ourselves too, it's so easy to focus on what appears to be a flaw in ourselves and have desire for what we don't have and ignore what we do have. But I hope you find that your heart and your mind are your most powerful possessions, and that it's worth it to be true to yourself, your beautiful the way you are, I hope you discover that the size of your nose, your measurements and booty are things to love too. ~IJ

I hope your week starts off good, gets you thinking and moving towards your goals, each day is a new chance to strive, so focus on the future and the things you want and glide! :)

Strive on!

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