Friday, September 16, 2011

Have a great weekend Petite's!

Hey Girls,

Doing anything fun this weekend? We are getting a new plasma TV tomorrow, I'd like to get to the American Museum of Natural History, and of course I throw in there some good food and creative energy, laying out plans for a new ebook project...(stay tuned!)

Be sure to do something for your heart and soul this weekend, and show kindness on someone who could use a smile, little random acts of kindness go a long way and we all could use a helping hand sometimes, and opening the door for someone is a nice thing to do.

And of course, you haven't seen it yet, check out Model Life on your iPhone or iPad, download the iVerse Comics + app and search Model Life or Gamine Press. It's awesome to carry a little Model Life around with you. If you don't have an iPhone then grab your friends iPhone and download the Comics + app and tell them "I am getting you a free sample of Isobella Jade's graphic novel Model Life, now shhush it and take it!"
When you feel like the smallest one in the room, just jump on a table and do a toast to all the people you love.
Cheers to the itty bitties!
P.s:  I'll be back soon with a new podcast segment and some new videos.

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