Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Lucky Little Darlings makes an influence

Hey Girls,

Being tall isn't everything in modeling especially when you are using your other assets to get ahead, things such as: your personality, your kindness, your ability to be on time and be professional can help you land the job. I've found that working as a model involves more than being pretty and having a comp card. And although I've shared the way girls of all sizes can get ahead in modeling on this blog, it's not an easy pursuit, and it involves a lot of rejection, this rejection can sometimes lead to needing another way of paying rent and this other source of income doesn't have to be a drag, it can in fact bring out the role-model in you.

I think you should be always using and noticing all your skills and abilities, and your asset of being patient and kind is not something to cast aside.

Striving as a model, even working as a model and booking gigs that pay well, still doesn't mean life is always stable, but using your compassion and your fun-loving nature and love of kids is a great way to make some extra cash and make an influence.

If you are a college student or recent graduate, I encourage you to check out Lucky Little Darlings, a well-established babysitting service and one of the top ones in NYC, booking babysitters, mother's helpers and weekly help also in LA, and across the nation.

I know right now they are accepting resumes from CT and Westchester of those interested in babysitting, but no matter your city (whether you are in Portland, Oregon to New York City) you can submit your resume and learn about them here.

Tell them Isobella Jade referred you :)


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