Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Answering questions on modeling schools, casting sites and model marketing

Sometimes when I am running errands or on my way to meetings I answer emails from aspiring models, this is one from the weekend. An aspiring model recently asked me:

I wanted to ask about "modeling training/school".  My friend suggest I should get some training before I put myself ahead an agency or castings... How do you feel about it?  Also I wanted to ask a question on castings. Where is the best place to look for castings? Can you find some online? One other thing my mother never supports me within modeling. How can I over come that issue, and still go after my dreams?

Hey Hun,

No most modeling schools are scams. Waste of money and if you're not fashion height learning how to runway walk whatever isn't needed. In print modeling and parts modeling it's all about personality and looking proportioned photos and having the photos you need to best market your assets.

Having a compcard and getting your portfolio going should be the main goals at this early stage. Print agencies mostly work non exclusive which means you can work with more than one agency. And it's helpful to have your own compcard ready so you can pitch agencies.  It's all about being prepared...already having photos and knowing what print modeling is, and how to naturally pose/ model...all important stuff...print agencies dont have time to teach models they work with typically, and they like you prepared so aim to get your professional print modeling photos and comp card and then you will be able to mail the mto print modeling agencies and talent agencies. I'm not a fan of most modeling schools, workshops, etc. The ones I hear about always sound like scam-land or just something to "make a girl feel like a model" or they don't share the modeling industry as a whole...they only focus on fashion.

If you already have a compcard, it is easier to market yourself, it's your professional model marekting tool and maybe you can approach aspiring brands or accessories designers in your area to get some experience working with aspiring brands and designers. During the holidays season a lot of craft shows go on and maybe you can market yourself to some aspiring brands. Always think "marketing." Just get the photos you need, that represent your realistic goals and remember for a short girl a smile shot, showing your personality is good to have, and for fashion shots stick to accessories, things where height doesn't matter. Jewelry, hat, handbags.

There are MANY online scams, I suggest just a few:
 Actorsaccess.com as better ones.

You could reach out through email or I think tradeshows, craft fairs, or walkin into smaller aspiring boutiques asking if they need or use models. Brands that might not have $ for a fashion model might work with an aspiring model who's shorter.

When it comes to your mother, keep in mind modeling is a tough pursuit, it is a lonely one, and very competitive, and there is always risk involved with pursuing something that can easily involve rejection...but talk to your mother about your goals if you can, express to her that modeling isn't just a career to "feel pretty" or "be noticed," it is a business where real people, girls of all types and ages are used in ad campaigns for legit brands and products and you believe in yourself and want her to as well.  Then go after the print modeling world, get after getting the right photos and your comp card and marketing mindset ready for a journey. And remember, always be careful of scams, and never degrade yourself and your self-worth, you are your own best marketer and the engine of your dreams.

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