Monday, August 15, 2011

This weekend found my hands in the Macy's commercial job I did.

(A collection of hand modeling shots from Bon Appetit magazine)

Hey Girls,

Modeling isn't just about being a tall lanky giraffe, and to get opportunities it can mean noticing your assets and putting them to use. I've worked as a hand model many times over the years and this weekend, among writing, cooking, cleaning, I found my hands in the Macy's job I did. I froze the commercial and made these stills.

May this be inspiration for a couple things.
1. There is not one definition for what a model is.
2. A model has to hunt down her work.

That's my hand! Handing off hats, an a purse, and a gravy bowl. As a body parts model, I know my hand by heart, and it's a good idea I do, and it's a part of this model life. The size of my nails and fingers, and also when I am on the job I always keep in mind of what my hands are doing, what the shot involves, so I can remember when I am hunting for my work later ~Isobella

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