Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Short models finding a modeling agency tips

A girl from Lousiana recently shared with me how hard it was to find a petite modeling agency there. I will admit from my own quick Google search there wasn't much when it came to the words: print modeling agency.  However, keep in mind you most likely will not find a petite modeling agency, there are very few in the world that target petite's but you will find print modeling agencies also known as commercial print modeling agencies that market humanistic and realistic models of all ages and types.

Remember, fashion agencies and print modeling agencies are very different worlds. Make sure you know the difference.

Print modeling agencies typically do not work with their models exclusively, they work with many models and their models work non-exculsive, which means they can work with more than one agency and also pursue their own modeling work as well.

Print modeling agencies don't typically invest in their models/ or pay for their comp cards, their portfolios, or photo-shoots.

This doesn't mean you pay the agency a fee to provide these things and usually THAT is a scam. Never pay an agency to work with them, buying a photo-package is typically a waste of money and time and you want to make sure you always have the rights to the print and reprint what you like. Which is why I suggest models manage their own photography! 

If you are having a tough time finding a modeling agency in your area my reply below might also inspire your own pursuits.  I am all about doing the work! So get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in to making what you want to happen, happen!

Dear ____,

Have you tried researching print modeling agencies? Print modeling agencies work with models that are more humanistic, all ages, sizes and types.  There may be not as many in a smaller city but they are out there.

Do you have a modeling compcard?
Having a comp card is helpful because most print modeling agencies do not invest in their models like a fashion agency does. A print modeling agency may market the photos you provide them and the comp card you provide them, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and start managing your photos and creating marketable photos and your model marketing material; comp card and portfolio, here is alot more on this within these posts from my modeling tips blog:

These posts will help you get into the print modeling mindset.

Also, have you tried submitting to a talent agency?
If you are still stuggling finding an agency to submit your comp card to, try searching for talent agencies. Talent agencies work with models and also actors of all sizes and types. Remember never pay to work with an agency ahead of time, never feel forced into having to pay for a photo package or classes and always go with your gut. DO your research on the agencies and be prepared for a lot of work and self-investment. It takes confidence and a lot of ambition to strive as a model no matter your height.

Also when you have marketable modeling photos and a comp card you could also pursue to work with aspiring brands in your area to gain some experience and here are tips on how to do that:

Strive to find a professional photographer to work with but don't just leave it up to the photographer to produce the photos you need. YOU should know what you need, so research what print modeling is, review the blogs on the photos you need above, study print ads and products ads and editorials--not just in Vogue but in lifestyle magazines and magazines of all types- and strive to produce photos that will benefit your natural assets and your goals. Focus on all that you are and don't dwell on what you might think you lack.
 So you might be petite, but if your photos are professional and have a commercial print modeling vibe you could still your comp card by postal mail to print modeling agencies in your area.

I think you should take it upon yourself to get the photos you need, you will be less likely to be scammed if you already know the types of photos you need for print modeling.

When you have your photos you can then search on my blog in the upper left corner for tips for making a comp card.

Keep your ambition flowing and moving, the more you put into your ambitions the more you get!

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