Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Petite of the Week is Edaliz from San Juan, Puerto Rico


Edaliz, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, standing tall at 5' 2" is Petite Model of the Week!

Here is what Edaliz shared with me about being a striving petite model who also teaches other girls in her area about how ambition starts with the heart:

"Being petite model is much more than selling fashion. Petite modeling is more encouraging than high fashion modeling, because it's a matter of dreaming and striving at the same time to reach the goal.  When I started modeling at age 20 on an island where high fashion is the law, I learned that to persevere would involve my self-commitment to be the face of a magazine. That's how I got the empowerment to teach other girls that you can conquer this glamour world with the power of your heart and talents. When I model, I mostly and fortunately do runways at shopping centers representing the modeling school where I teach (ACTITUD or ATTITUDE in English). I also work in beauty campaigns to promote some of the seasonal make up or perfume collections. I have worked for Old Navy, Sears & JCPenney's beauty products campaigns, Papaya clothing and others. I have also been on TV segments for Univision Puerto Rico. I think what has taken me so far is my attitude and personality. That's why I tell my students: not to imitate everything they see in other models, but to study their styles and moves and try to be original; to create their own style according to the markets. I tell them to give the best of their talents out there on the runway, or in anything they do; because it's their personal view of themselves and their attitude that might lead them to success. 'You are the one in control of your mind. Everything that limits you is within you. Chose the open roads in your mind.'-EPD"

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us Edaliz :)

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