Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's all calm down about Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the 10 year old model deserves a cupcake for her photos in French Vogue already!

So I wanted to put a word out on Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the gap-toothed 10-year-old model who recently has gotten media attention over her so-called-sultry Vogue Paris photos.

Personally, the images don't really bother me, they aren't creepy and they aren't even sexy, I think the shots are well done, pretty and cute. I don't think they are as sultry and wrong as the media is crying about. I see girls on Facebook with more seductive poses and photos posted daily!

You want to complain about this 10 year old model, well look at your own kid holding a Coach bag and wearing lip-gloss, wasn't it you who bought that for your kid too? Wasn't it you who posted 1000 photos of your baby half naked on Facebook with his wee-wee all blunt and bare and thinking it is LOL, so frickin' cute? I can't tell you how many toddler photos with angel wings I've seen on Facebook.

And being worried that these photos will influence children makes my eyes roll. Just because your kid sees these images doesn't mean they will be stealing your lipstick or shoes, calm down momma's!

Seriously if you're that worried start parenting your kids! Okay so this girl is in a fashion magazine and wearing designer clothing and heels and lipstick....but come on, you think she looks like this every day? Honestly you do? Hell no. And I doubt your kid even reads Vogue.

It is strange to me how worried people get over stuff like this, and how seeing a photo of a girl in a fashion magazine will influence their children when it seems to influence them a lot more. But for those worried, it's all going to be okay, grab another Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte and check out the shoe sale at Bloomingdales and relax: Just look at the movie Alice in Wonderland, she is young and prancing around in cute shoes and a dress. Who cares! That doesn't mean she is a slut, that doesn't mean she can't have dreams. If you are so worried, just focus on the most common sense thing to do: give your kids confidence in themselves daily, show them they are capable and encourage them to notice their skills, and something everyone has forgotten these days: MANNERS, give them not just another toy, handbag or sign language lesson, but inspire them to have a passion and discover their assets and skills and to be kind to others....and the images they see of the artistic and dramatic fashion world won't be such a dominate thing in their life.

And, you can't control what they see...What? Is your kid going to wear a scarf over their eyeballs?? Let's cancel BeyoncĂ© , let's cancel all beauty pageants (omg the South would go haywire!), let's cancel The Bratz™ dolls, Lada Gaga, and all of the dolls in the world, because these ruin a girls life.

Come on, seriously.

Who your children grow up to be as human beings is about a way bigger issue.

From day one parents need to instill in their children the importance of inner-love, self-love first and foremost, so that they value themselves as people, human beings, and not just their material life, and this is something that's gone down hill, it doesn't matter what you're kid sees. Let's take the kids in my own building complex for example: These parents are signing their kids up for all types of classes, bragging about it in the elevator: "He can speak Chinese and knows advanced sign language and he's just turned three"----um hence the above, what about manners, kindness, compassion--your kid just spilled his sippy cup on me and didn't say sorry and you also didn't offer me a wipey or anything to clean it up?

I know she is 10 years old, but you can't tell me in this mommyhood obsessed world, that you would not let your kid be in a Vogue spread? (and for many mother's I am afraid it would be more for their ego)

But even so, how is being in a fashion magazines going to ruin her life? Please tell me I want to know why and how? When everyone is showing off their kid and what they are wearing on a thousand social media's?

We live in a world where there is a new high end designer clothing line for babies every day, and also a world where models are seen everywhere, but just because it's in our world doesn't mean it has to bring a negative influence on your own life. Life your own life, have your own mind, just because someone is having dessert doesn't mean you have to have it, just because someone is smoking around you doesn't mean you have to start.

If you and your kid have any sense at all then you'll both know that dressing up and wearing the latest fashions doesn't define a person  It's like seeing a nude painting, okay the lady is nude, jeez we'd love to look like that but I'm not going to let that ruin my own life if I don't, and my ass sags one day.  And, remember, everything in magazines everything is enhanced to the max.

I have seen kids, many times in fashion magazines and ad campaigns and this girl doesn't deserve to be judged. Children are seen and used in ad campaigns for many advertising campaigns every day, and on this site I advocate about ways all ages and types can find work as models. Modeling is a business that co-sides the marketing and advertising worlds, it's about selling products-- and I understand we live in a monkey see monkey do world, but honestly if you don't know the difference between "artistic dramatic images" and "the real deal" then WAKE UP!

For all those concerned about the message these images of a 10 year old in Vogue will have on your kid, why not give your kid a message: This weekend have a talk about inner beauty, talk about their interests and finding a passion and noticing their skills. It is crazy how many kids don't know what they are good at. This effects self-esteem a lot more than seeing a 10 year old in designer dresses. Work on this every single day, not just because you saw a 10 year old in Vogue.

If you want to, show them the image. I bet you they will not mention the "sultry eyes" your complaining about and instead say, "I like her handbag, I like her lipstick, she's pretty."

Then express to them that being pretty, cute, fashionable or beautiful doesn't mean you love yourself more, it doesn't mean you feel loved more, it doesn't mean you are any better off. Everyone has an inner-self and it doesn't get seen unless you show that. Having good genes and being born with nice bone structure doesn't mean you are any better than another girl. It doesn't mean you are more capable or more interesting or smart. The mind and the heart are the most important things, tell them this and tell them often.

Sure, I would rather see a girl creating an arts and craft project or climbing trees, kicking around a soccer ball or drawing or reading, then prancing around in poofy dresses and lipstick, but I see girls all the time carrying handbags, wearing lipgloss every single day, this is not new news if you think of your own neighborhood...

I see the bigger issue that we live in world full of distractions that entrap our minds and make us forget about who we are as a real person, the fact that these images have causes such a media fire is sad, it means that people have lost faith in that they can think for themselves and it's sad to judge a girl for most likely enjoying the experience modeling for the magazine (and she has for other magazines as well), and she is not a bad child for having a nice time at the photoshoot...children should be asked more often, "what do you like to do?" not only told what you want them to do. If the 10 year old wants to be a model, that's fine, it's her life, let it go and get back to yours, and hopefully her parents are there for her... that doesn't mean she can't also be kindhearted, thankful, ambitious, smart and compassionate, and shares on the playground--are your kids even doing these things?


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Well said! (I commented on your other blog too, but thought I'd acknowledge it here too :))