Sunday, August 28, 2011

From Isobella Jade, I hope you rode out Hurricane Irene okay

Hey Girls,

Despite if you escaped hurricane Irene, I hope that no matter where you were that you are okay. I moved Friday from Battery Park to Midtown East Friday and have spent the weekend unpacking, and waiting on Irene. To be safe, we put tape up on our windows incase the wind flung BBQ pits from other near by balconies. Although we were spared from the major floods here in my new area of the city, NYC wasn't totally spared.  Areas def got a hit, and Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn got a smack from Irene! 

And the NYPOST is right, it does look like a ghost town here in Manhattan. Waiting to hear about the trains/transit.

I hope you and your families, friends and homes are okay,


Some stories and pics on the flooding in NYC area:

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