Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion Week 2011: Show me your short and stylish petite runway look.

Hey Girls,

F height requirements to rock it! Celebrate your size and individual style every day. Show me your short and stylish petite runway look. Take it outside, in your livingroom, on your own petite runway! I'll post it on my blog during Fashion Week. Email Jpegs to petitepride@yahoo.com (previous submissions will be considered)  Go itty bitty go! Let's hear it for the pint-size! Bring it and your short stuff! Just because you might not be rockin a runway during Fashion Week doesn't mean you can't model or find opportunities. I love fashion but I know as a shorter girl the fashion world doesn't support the shorter chicks often, but fashion and being a tall giraffe isn't everything, so don't limit yourself by dwelling on the doors that are shut, focus on opening your own door! :)

Here, we celebrate all sizes!

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