Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion news and beauty buzz that caught my eye

Hey Girls,

Starting this fall look for the The Odd Slipper for petite feet:

Until The Odd Slipper's official launch in early September, you can keep track of their daily progress, offering shoe history, and plenty of photographic shoe porn on their Tumblr, it's pretty cool!

Dolce & Gabbana tries to silence facebook activists. is on Dolce & Gabbana's ass their sandblasting jeans!

From the official press release:

LONDON – The Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana deleted posts on its Facebook wall after members posted messages demanding that the company ban sandblasting, a technique used to give jeans a used look which is highly dangerous to workers. The move comes after more than 25,000 European and American activists have joined a campaign on demanding that the company ban sandblasting. Sandblasting is a dangerous process which involves workers firing sand at jeans under high pressure. It has been known to kill workers in garment producing countries like Turkey and Bangladesh, where jean sandblasting is done manually. The large amounts of silica dust generated during sandblasting can cause silicosis, a potentially lethal pulmonary disease, as workers inhale tiny particles of silica. A number of major brands, such as Levi's, H&M, C&A, Gucci, and most recently Versace, have already abolished sandblasted jeans in their collections. However, Dolce & Gabbana has explicitly told the Clean Clothes Campaign that they have no intention of banning sandblasting, despite conclusive evidence and numerous deaths demonstrating how dangerous the practice is. The Clean Clothes Campaign recently claimed victory after a campaign on calling on Versace to ban sandblasting. That Italian fashion house eventually agreed to the group’s demands, going so far as to say that any supplier found to be employing sandblasting as a production technique would be in breach of contract with Versace. “The Clean Clothes Campaign has now launched an impressive social media campaign and recruited tens of thousands of supporters from all over the world to demand that Dolce & Gabbana follow in the footsteps of their competitors and ban sandblasting,” said Organizer Meredith Slater. “ is about empowering anyone, anywhere to demand action on the issues that matter to them, and it has been an honor to provide a platform for the Clean Clothes Campaign’s inspiring campaigns.”

The Dolce & Gabbana “Killer Jeans” campaign: is the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change — growing by more than 300,000 new members a month, and empowering millions of people.

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