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A girl recently reachout on Facebook and asked me, "Hi Isobella, I have never modeled, but I am a dancer and was thinking about possibly fitness modeling? Do you have any information on fitness modeling any tips would be helpful because I am so lost!  Thank you!

My reply might help your own pursuits.

Hi ___,

Well, with a dancers body it would be good to pursue work that allows you to use what you naturally have ...knowing how to make your body look beautiful and having great movement are assets of a model.

Fitness is one area but not the end-all either with a dancer body. Keep in mind there is much to pursue within the area of health and beauty as well.

Just like creatinig commercial print modeling photos and a compcard for print modeling, for fitness and body shots you will be creating photos that are based around fitness, health and beauty.

Remember fitness modeling isn't just for the wicked buff, using your body to model can also fall into parts modeling work and modeling with companies within the health and beauty sector too.

The fitness industry is huge! Spend a day at Barnes and Noble in the magazine section and you will see this! There are even magazines now for pregnant women on staying fit during pregnancy, there are thousands of fitness and health related brands out there for retail alone, as a whole the fitness and health spectrum is massive, and there are tons of products based on the fitness and health and diet culture...which need models!

So when you are preparing photos I would search editorials you see in health and fitness magazines, I would study print ads for gyms and fitness and health related products.  You don't have to be running or sweating on a treadmill or doing crunches in the shot, and infact a shot of you "just before" you would have done these activities can be better. A more natural shot of you in fitness apparel, on the way to jog, stretching or just jogging a little is fine. Pretend you are really about to workout, do yoga.. for the shot to stay natural.

The camera could pick up your movement of running, but also get some basic shots of you walking or simply just being yourself before a nice run.

For health and beauty body shots think of editorials for skincare and editorials and ads that involve legs, stomach, back and a nice skintone.

For beauty get close-ups done as well. Close-ups for editorials involving eyes, lips, neck, a side profile.

Here are some sample shots to inspire you when it comes to body shots, but go and research in some magazines and study ads for fitness and health and beauty as well that involves the body. You might want to also produce shots that have an editorial look or a pharmaceutical appeal, keep it commercial print friendly = looks like it is an editorial or has an ad campaign appeal. If the shot looks like it could have been an ad for something or an editorial for something, you're in the right direction. Models are hired to model products and be involved with a brands marketing projects so always keep in mind that the shots need to be pretty but also have a commercial print friendly-like vibe.

To-Do:  Go to the bookstore or magazine store and flip through these to get inspired:

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